Monday, 8 February 2010

Self-imposed Hardship

I had brain fever last week, which resulted in me changing round all the furniture in our front and back living rooms; during this self-imposed torture, I discovered more damp and mold (but lots smaller) behind the other big bookcase. The contractor has been and dropped off a dehumidifier, but can't do anything else until the walls are dried out. Not being one to happily sit in the midst of piles of messy junk, I rearranged it all; but being down by so much storage space, all the junk is now far more visible as piles on the floor than it ever was on the bookcases.

In addition, DH and DD do not like the fact that the table ( we honor it by calling it a dining table, but it is just a table we eat from) is in the front room - DH because it is a room away from the kitchen, DD because it is a room away from the TV. Obviously owning so many books must be a quality of Satan, hence the divine punishment of damp, mold and spring-cleaning.

I have weeded out my books considerably twice over the last 9 years, and I just can't bear to get rid of any of the remainder - my tarot/occult library takes up a big bookcase on its own; the gardening and other reference books another. There are 2 further big bookcases, and 3 small ones. DS has a small bookcase, DD a large one. We don't own any 'pulp fiction' - if we feel the urge for literary 'junk food', we use the library; for the price of books, we'd rather buy books we know we will use and/or re-read. I know it's all ephemera, materialistic ties etc. but ....I just can't lose any more.

My sister was over for a visit for my birthday, and spoiled me rotten, which I really enjoyed; just sitting and having the time to chat in a relaxed way was refreshing. We popped over to Felixstowe with my neighbor Su for them to have a look at Fabric8, where Su bought some fabric to make kitchen curtains.

I am also in charge of TABI's teaching arm, temporarily, while the current Admin. takes some well-earned and necessary personal time; the current course is fascinating - there is a mix of people taking part, and I have seen some unusual, different insights into the cards through their work. It can be quite time-intensive, especially when dealing with some of the larger and/or more complex exercises, but it is incredibly rewarding.

I managed to complete the baby cardigan for DD's Year 1 teacher, as requested by DD; I am knitting another, and hope to have them done by this Friday, for half-term; the yarn for the star motif cardigan is Wendy Bambino, which is a fabulously soft acrylic/tencel blend. I have knitted this pattern before, but the star didn't show because of the yarn I used ....

Jewel the rescue cat is far more relaxed, but will not yet let anyone touch her; she goes outside now, and more importantly, comes back; about which DH is not overjoyed, as she has scratched the wallpaper in a couple of areas so that it needs re-doing ....Inky is, as usual, a joy: totally affectionate and delightful.


  1. I have just weeded out my bookshelves. I threw lots of cooking and gardening books out, only keeping some special ones. Honestly, I only kept them beacuse they had sentimental value. Whenever I do need a recipe quick or some answers about a plant, I look it up on the internet. These books rarely get a look in.
    It feels so wrong to throw books out, doesn't it....I had to force myself to do it...

  2. Did you throw them out ? Or do you know of somewhere that would take books ....?


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