Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Flee, Fly .....Flu

So this is me right now. And it's my own fault. I have this supreme confidence that I can deal with everything. Simultaneously and instantaneously. And then I get grumpy when people are normal ie. don't respond to emails within a nanosecond; because, yanno, you're holding me up, right ? I have so much to do, and I can't sort you out because you haven't answered my email. And by not answering immediately, you are preventing me from getting on and sorting out a myriad of other equally important matters in my life. This makes me look at you askance and wonder if you have graduated to tie-up shoes yet.

Last week, we had the Sickness Bug. More virulent than the one we just recently got over. DS twice on Sunday. DD five times Monday night. DS again Wednesday night. And - it had to happen eventually, by the law of averages (or some law, anyway) - me on Thursday. Bless DD's little cotton socks, she made breakfast and lunch for both herself and DS (croissants for brekkie, sandwiches for lunch). My fabulous neighbor Su came over in the evening and not only cooked dinner for my kids, but put my grocery delivery away.

Me ? I curled up in bed like a melted squid with 6 layers of clothes, 2 pairs of socks and 3 hot water bottles, water and paracetamol. I swear, even my hair was aching along with all of my joints. DH arrived home from work on Friday and simply took over - it was great, just to be able to abandon any responsibility and guilt resting absolutely secure in the knowledge that everything was being taken care of, including me.

He was on a course yesterday, so was home last night. After the unusual shouting and blue lights around 1 am (3 police cars and 1 police van) because of a loud 'disturbance' up the road, at the root of which was some girl called Rachel (I know this because the 1st arrested man was wailing her name at top volume), DH ran for the bathroom, blaming the leftover sausages he'd eaten for tea. You feel that sense of forboding ? You see the ominous portent ? The inevitability of what comes next ? Yep. He has the Bug now too. At work. Al-most, my heart bleeds.

Before Pestilence visited actual Me, I completed the second baby cardigan for DD's Year 1 teacher; I didn't like the King Cole Splash DK yarn much; the 'splash' of colors seemed far too random for a yarn described as 'self-patterning', and it feels somewhat harsh, though a wash and fabric conditioner may improve that. The pattern was this, which I have knitted four or five times now because it's so easy and customizable with yarn and buttons. I also like Sirdar patterns because they are usually such good value - this one, for instance, has 4 variations, and in sizes from birth to six years. So anyway, here is the completed oeuvre:

And I must needs put all knitting to one side. Tempus has fugited, and SIL's bump is due on Saturday. I am nowhere near finished the cot quilt - I hate how I swear when I'm doing it; but the kids are out on a playdate tomorrow afternoon, and my loins will be ready-girded to attack it upon their departure ....


  1. I feel for your having had the sickness bug and again in such a short space of time - Poor you! Hope you are all feeling well again soon.

  2. Yep, we are all fine, thanks :-) Even DH has rejoined the land of the living today :-)


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