Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Double Whammy

There seems to be a shoe-buying spree amongst my friends at the moment - both Ania and Christiane have indulged, and my sister, Auntie Fashion, turned up at my house yesterday from the sale at Faith with these:

I laughed - my calling her a Bling Ho' is totally justified, and now I have photographic evidence.

Having completed my secret project and posted it to the edge of the known world, so far away that there is no recognized civilization, it was accepted with a most gratifying, rewarding reception; and now I can post pictures of it. It's made from the hand-dyed 100% merino superwash I purchased from Abstract Cat that I posted about here; I managed to trick the recipient into choosing what she wanted without realizing it was for her. I love to be sneaky, but so rarely manage it, not being able to keep secrets or surprises very well - it's the gloating that tends to give me away.

I'm very happy with it indeed - the traditional Shetland lace stitch pattern I used (Cat's Paw) was peculiarly appropriate and in the way of an in-joke and clue, since I hadn't included anything to say who it was from ....

And I completed another scarf for my Christmas stash - I knew who this would be for as soon as I saw the color; it's in Sirdar Blur, which is a bit of a mare to knit with, all those fluffy bits catch on the tips of the needles, but I'm happy with the results:


  1. Beautiful! (I'm talkking about the knits, not so much the shoes :D)

  2. Those shoes are not for going outside in, are they?!

    And, we DO have electricity, inside toilets and broadband. But not brie nor fresh noodles. It's hard here, but we get by.....

    Scarf is beautiful and I will always think of you as I watch it dying my whites a chocolate-red shade in the washing mahine ;-)

    Ali x

  3. She was actually considering wearing them to the Pink gig she's going to tonight LOL

  4. Oh my, the super-bling shoes are scary! Btw, love the Eight of Pentacles image, which deck is it from?

  5. That's from the fabulous Hudes deck, my favorite working deck :-)

  6. Thanks for the info, it does look lovely. I'm not normally a big fan of medieval, but some of the reviews make it sound very tempting!

  7. am all thumbs, so I am jealous of your beautiful handiwork.

    I had to say "thanks" for the comment. You are right about Vanity Fair and I suppose I should go back and explain that I buy it because I am drawn by some of its writing, as well as morbid interest in celebrities. My "put down" was not so much of the magazine as the subjects of these articles. As for Hitchens, I so totally agree with you--while I may not always agree with him (I'm a Christian, for example, albeit rather an expansive one, so we're set up to disagree some), I have to tip my hat to his intellect, and I am always interested in what he has to say. Thanks again for visiting me. C


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