Thursday, 24 June 2010

Simple Pleasures

Gardening is such a rewarding pastime - for so little effort (if you plan it right) there is so much reward.


patio rose 'Sweet Dreams' and patio rose 'Sweet Magic'

Both are scented - no point in having roses without a fragrance; the pansies you see with 'Sweet Magic' I bought last year at B&Q in the reduced section for £1.00 for a tray of 16 plants; cut them back in autumn, and they have come back beautifully this year. I do love a bargain.

And this is why I want to come back as a cat in another life:

This is Jewel and Inky on the back wall of the garden yesterday, where they spent all afternoon. Around 9pm Inky tottered in, ate, and then went straight to sleep on the back of the sofa. Sleeping in the sun is obviously tiring work. Jewel now comes to me to be stroked and cuddled - DH even managed to stroke her once or twice; although she is still a wary creature. It has taken about 6 months for her to get to this stage, but totally worthwhile, and so satisfying.


  1. 'for so little effort'?

    We are obviously doing two different things in the garden. *I'm* trying to stop cats from crapping on my food crops, working up a sweat by putting tree branches through the shredder, waging daily war against Mare's Tail and fending off feral children from Over The Wall.

    It's a BATTLEFIELD out there ;-)

    Ali xxx

  2. LOL I said 'if you plan it right' :-) Cats don't like the scent of citrus, so orange peel liberally sprinkled might work; also, mothballs. Also, old rose cane cuttings can be laid in a lattice pattern to discourage them ....
    Try Roundup for the mare's tail - genetically the same as it was in the time of the dinosaurs, I think.

  3. What?! No solution for m'feral children issue? ;-)

    I'd be orange-skinned myself if I had to put down citrus skins on the bits of my garden that I don't want the cats.

    That wee skinny black one did several piles of unmentionables on my onions - and now B has said that he won't eat them if I try to serve up home grown onions.

    *sigh* have nothing to lose - will put citrus peel down on my onions and strawberries.

    Failing that, am getting a gun ;-)

    Ali xxx

  4. Can't find mothballs ? And no, no guns allowed >:-(
    What are the children coming for ?
    Just lie to him,say they came from the supermarket; make him watch the Auntie Mabel & Pippin prog about sewage - he'll starve to death LOL


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