Monday, 7 June 2010

Half-Term Report

Well, the week of half-term whizzed by - Mini-Diva was ill the first weekend, having caught Destructo Boy's bug, but she bounced back after only 2 days to be her usual stroppy self.

We had some fabulously hot and sunny weather - I even discarded my cardigan for an hour or two. The garden is beginning to look lush, although DH is wondering why there is so much green and no flowers yet: gardening is for the patient. There have been a few playdates, and we even squeezed in mowing my father's extensive jungle, that had been a lawn ...

On top of this catalogue of successes, I have also managed to connect Mini-Diva's PS2 to the main TV, and am old enough now to resist the temptation of 'just one more level' that used to keep me up into the wee hours.

Today is a teacher training day, so one final day of the kids being at home - a playdate is scheduled, and all I have left to do is hoover and make sure the kids inflict nothing worse than a flesh wound on each other ....

Last week I completed 3 baby cardigans for DH's colleague's wife: the Stylecraft Wondersoft Baby DK in a lilac print lived up to its name, marvellously soft and easy to knit with. The Cygnet DK in Buttercream that I used for the Star Motif cardigan, not quite so much, but I expect a wash will affect that.

Chevron stripe hoodie

lace-edged cardigan

Star Motif cardigan

I am quite proud of the Chevron-striped baby hoodie, as it was my first foray into any kind of colorwork; I still hate the pattern, though, in spite of modifying it this way - it just seems to take forever. These having been completed, I really must resist the siren call of easy Xmas scarves, and take up again the Willow Leaf Stole ....

The TABI beginners' tarot course is complete, with eight successful students; and in the next week or so I must get round to organizing the next one - there seem to be oodles of people about clamoring for it to begin. I also have a tarot deck to review for the TABI Ezine - an erotic 'adult' deck, so that should be interesting ...


  1. Your knitted work is so lovely! As the Chairman of TABI blah, blah, blah, just wanted to say thanks for your hard work in running that course. The next one will be a piece of cake ;-)

    Very much looking forward to the Tarot review.....hopefully I'll be able to publish it without blushing too much!

    Ali x

  2. Great work on the sweaters!


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