Friday, 25 June 2010

Green Day

At last, the weekend is here. The house is gleaming, I finished my secret knitting project, it is hot and sunny. What more could one want ? Even Destructo Boy has created instead of destroyed:

Meet Mr.Greenhead. Destructo Boy's class had just done this when he joined the school, so his teacher kindly gave me the bits necessary to recreate this living work of art at home. Much thought and discussion went into what shape his mouth should be, and how to stick on his eyes; there was a definite statement that Mr.Greenhead did NOT need a nose. He has been watered - sometimes thrice daily - in the urgency that he should GROW. And now he has sprouted, Destructo Boy was a little perturbed that Mr.Greenhead seems to be getting green all over, not just on top of his head. We decided it was a beard, since I hadn't actually looked at it properly. I am sticking with a beard, since I'm not sure I'm up to explaining a monobrow ...

And I cooked dinner. Yet again, proof:

And just to balance out the envy of endless hot days at the beach (Father), I need to just show you these:

2 lbs of fresh, tart, English gooseberries, picked today from a nice man's garden up the road ....


  1. Mr Greenhead is wonderful!

  2. Ooh...yum, gooseberries. Gonna have to get some! :-)

  3. I have gooseberries too.

    Hmmmm that might not be true any more. Last WEEK I had gooseberries, but I also have two big wood pigeons that eat everything.

    If I still have some, I'm going out this evening to pick them - whether they are ready or not.

    Then you can tell me what to do with them.

    Secret knitting project was gorgeous, thank you. You made me go all weepy.

    Ali xxxxxx


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