Sunday, 13 June 2010

Unequivocal Perspecuity

I had a call from Kathy Kenna this week asking me if I'd had any further thoughts on becoming a local councillor, as the selection meetings are coming up next month. Well, actually, no I hadn't, since I wasn't convinced that it wasn't some prank cooked up by someone for who knows what reason.

I promised her I'd look through the information she'd given me and get back to her by the end of the week. I read through the booklets and leaflets, which did tell me quite a lot that I didn't know.

My main concern was the time commitment involved: apparently the average is 16 hours a week, but it also depends on how involved you get. I have a record for throwing myself into things, so 16 hours is looking like a serious underestimation. Although the elections are not until next year, with Destructo Boy not yet in full-time school and DH away all week, this is likely to prove an issue, as I would have to pound the streets and bash on many, many doors during my campaign to be elected.

I spoke with DH about it all, who tried to be helpful by saying he'd be supportive; good friends have also told me I'd be perfect for it. So I thought I'd pull a few cards for insight. I asked, 'What do I need to know about becoming a councillor at this time ?', with card 1 being what is likely to happen if I do it, card 2 what if I don't, and a 3rd card just for information.

I didn't have to look past card 1 before I had made my decision:

I'll be dropping Kathy an email later saying I'm definitely interested, but not for now/next year.


  1. hahah, the not so subtle cards, love it! :)straight to the point :)

  2. I will watch your future future political career with interest :D

  3. I bet you find it easier than chairing TABI. For a start, you'll get PAID! Lol!

    You'll be great - so get involved in local issues just now, so that your pump is primed, in a manner of speaking....

    Ali x


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