Monday, 19 September 2011

Promises, Promises

So just a li'l post today to publicly commit to the promise of Getting Stuff Done this week. Mainly by not blipping around on the interwebz.

Having made it through last week, and added a busy weekend during which I cooked dinner 2 out of 3 times, and time 3 was a re-heat (liver & bacon, and macaroni, ham & cheese .... not lasagne. Just sayin', Alison), I am persuaded that this week I can be disciplined: I can do everything I must/need to do, plus still have time for the things I want to do. Sometimes there is an overlap between those 2 lists, but not so often.

So, the beds are made; the house is tidy; Destructo Boy's birthday invitations have gone out; I have one wash out already and am washing the big curtains today; I have printed the recipe for today's batch of soap; I have had my daily cup of coffee; England defeated a surprisingly strong Georgia; Downton Abbey is back on for the Autumn season; the kids are at school; the dog is snoring. And the sun is out. What's the worst that could happen ?



  1. I need to get myself organised this week too... I foresee the making of many lists ;)

    In the meantime here's a link to '21 Reasons Why The Internet Sucks' but in spite of it's flaws we still love it anyway :D

  2. Thrilled that Downton Abbey is back AND we Picts can see it without sneakily tuning in to ITV Lahndahn *high fives viv. whether she likes it or not*

    Lasagna is lovely. Also, my liver and onions is a TRIUMPH. And I don't mean a motorbike.

  3. But the interwebs are so addictive...

  4. Downton Abbey! I've been watching it on Netflix. I'm hooked so far!

  5. That card is from the Durer, is it not? It is a beauty. You have given me inspiration to get on with what I need to do today. Have a great week.

    Crescent (from TABI)

  6. Ah getting stuff done.. how does that go again? ~laughs, I wish you and myself best of luck in avoiding the allure of the web and actually doing... stuff

  7. Downton Abbey! I'd forgotten about that. Oh dear, bad me.

    And you GO GIRL/LADY/FABULOUS WOMAN. You stay on top of things. I know you can :D


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