Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WIP Wednesday 59: Taking No Prisoners

I guess this image of the 7 of Wands from the Tarot of Northern Shadows might seem a bit grim or gruesome, but it's how I feel: I am Achieving. Not quite against the odds, but certainly against my usual laziness. The tasks listed as 'To Do's this week are gradually becoming 'Done's, hence they are my triumphal skulls.

I even woke at 4am this morning, and got up because my mind was whizzing with ideas ... I think I've found a solution that I like for my packaging; I will have a special limited edition collection of soaps out soon, linked to tarot ... here is the first one cut and ready to cure:

Made with goatsmilk, honey, pink Argiletz clay and an array of luxury oils; scented with Rose Neroli .... The second is in the mold right now, and the third and fourth will be in the molds later today. This week, I am taking no prisoners.

In other news, the Seekrit Projekt is coming along -

I can post a picture because you can't tell what it is.

And even when it's a magnified picture, you still can't tell: brilliant camouflage. Yarn's a pretty color, don't you think ?

Pop over to Tami's Amis for some more WIP loveliness ....


  1. That yarn really is a pretty colour :)

    I like the Tarot image you chose - triumphant is exactly what it captures to me. Sounds like your week is going well :)

  2. I love the soap... oh dear, I have a bit of a soap fetish.. mostly hooked on the idea of salt bars...

    The soap looks yummy! ~giggles, i sound silly even to my self but I can't think of a more apt statement!

    Looks like and sounds just as appetizing, would make for a lovely bath armed with with a soap cozy!

    And the knitting... I love purple so I think it is simply divine; but even if I didn't like purple, it looks like a wisp, so light and beautiful.

    You're coming out with guns blazing! Good going! Love it all.

  3. Very not seekrit project! Can you tell us what the yarn is?

  4. Didn't you post that soap up before? I remember saying that I wanted it. And I still do. :)

    The only thing I can tell about your secret project is that the yarn you are using is super duper thing. Goodness!

  5. Hope you'll be posting links when those soaps are sale ready - Christmas is coming, doncha know ;D

  6. Vanessa, the yarn is Madeline Tosh 'Prairie' in the colorway 'Briar' :-)
    Calophi - nope, not this soap :-)
    Chloe - yep, you can bet on it ;-)

  7. Your soap is BEAUTIFUL! (oh, and the knitting, too).

    Hope you post your new packaging idea! Bet it'll be beautiful!

  8. That yarn is SO pretty ... whatever it is!!!!!! :)

  9. Love the color and really don't know what it is!! Soap looks great! Yay on being triumphant!!!

  10. Tarot soap! Excellent idea!

    And I haven't a clue what the purple thing is but I am sure it will be wonderful.

  11. Go soapy, tarot-inspired person, go!

  12. Love the color of your project.

    I need to take a "take no prisoners" attitude, but I'm really tired after this year.

  13. What lovely yarn! That color is gorgeous.

  14. yay seekrit projekt, i love the colour of the wool you have used!! Although that soap sounds lovely :)


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