Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WIP Wednesday 58: All ....


.... Wiped out. Well, I am this week: the second week of term and everything is happening - Mini Diva's classroom tour yesterday, today the hearing test review, followed by swimming and gymnastics after school. Also today is Destructo Boy's classroom tour.

Tomorrow I have a meetup with the friend with whom I am planning her little boy and Destructo Boy's joint birthday party, the grocery delivery, and optician's appointments for both children. Sebastian is also due to return to the vet for a checkup this week. My sister is over for a visit starting tomorrow. All of this means that I have done little to no knitting, and minimal soapmaking.

Far more importantly, it meant I didn't have time to meet an old friend for coffee; not even when he upped the stakes to offer lunch out: my friends will know how much it wrenched my soul to turn down good food cooked, served and washed up by someone else. Let alone the wine.

So there has been no progress on the Vintage Lilac Cabled Sweater, but I have cast on for a Seekrit Projeckt using Madeline Tosh 'Prairie' 100% merino laceweight in the colorway 'Briar'.

When I can draw breath again, I shall catch up with all the WIPs over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. That colourway is stunning (and the name Briar is perfect for it). Whoever/whatever it turns out to be for is very lucky :)

  2. It's so hard to get into the swing of things when school starts up again. Personally I miss the lazy summer days so much.

  3. Love the yarn color, hope the Hamster Wheel slows down!!

  4. Ooooo, "Briar" ... lovely colorway!

  5. The colour of that wool is really lovely! Shame you have been so busy to turn down a good friend for lunch :( hope you get time soon

  6. School is a mad timesuck for everyone involved, isn't it? Still, it keeps one of the streets, no?

    Seekrits! I love a good Seekrit projeckt :D

  7. Reading all that reminded me of when my three were in school. I might need a nap now.

    The sweater is still lovely. Hope things slow down a bit so you can work on it.


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