Monday, 5 September 2011

Versatile Blogging

So three lovely bloggers have considered my blog worthy of an award; this time, it is the Versatile Blogger Award, passed along to me by WitchyKnits, Miss Soo, and Rugby Mad. Thank you all.

You may now envision me curtseying gracefully, clutching my award with one fair, newly manicured hand, and waving regally with the other.

Here is the award:

The conditions are that I thank whomever I received the award from, and link back to them; I must share 7 things about myself; I must pass the award along to 15 blogs that are newly discovered by me.

To make sure I don't repeat the same information, I looked up the last time I got an award. Please to note, I have achieved Number 10 on the list. So. Sharing seven new-to-you things about me:

1) I am gradually turning into my mother. This is worth many, many .... many blog posts all on its ownsome.
2) I am reliant on my Twins more than I think they realize: Good Twin, and Eviller Twin. Yes, I have worked out that three of us means we're actually Triplets ...

3) I'm old enough now to choose to wear practical, comfy shoes (see #1)
4) I stopped smoking just over a year ago.
5) I have gone up 2 dress sizes (see #4)
6) I don't care too much about #5 because now I have a D cup.
7) I will own a Siamese before I die.

And, as I haven't discovered 15 recently, 10 new blogs:

1) Di Sandland: great jewellry.Like my sister, she has Behcets.
2) Good Enough: crafting blog, mainly knitting.
3) Northern Snippet: helps remind me why I left my former career
4) Alchemist's Grove: Australian soaper
5) Inner Whispers: I've watched this one develop and find her voice
6) The Essential Herbal: interesting stuff about the uses of herbs
7) It's Own Reward: Bajan crafting and recipes ...
8) Songs from the Wishing Tree: tarot & crafting
9) Marcia McCord: tarot & stories
10) AndyBC: Lenormand tarot

Enjoy !



  1. You are mistaken - I am the Evil Twin, you are the Eviler Twin :D

  2. I am the Good Twin. And we are technically twin triblets.

    Congrats on the award oh evil, knitting one :-D

    Ali x

  3. Thanks! Now off to check out all these blogs.

  4. I'm right there with you on 1) and 3). 3) came recently at a wedding where I wore a friend's flats because I had forgotten shoes, and discovered that it was pretty nice to not have to take your shoes off halfway through the reception. :)

  5. Congrats! This is well-deserved.

  6. Can I ask what deck this 2 of Wands is from please? I love it. :)

  7. Thank you! Love the photo from Stardust (great film!) but have to ask, who's who in the photo? Hehehe >:-)

  8. Michael, it's the Llewellyn Tarot.
    Ania - Uh-huh. Sure. ;-)
    Sharon ...I wouldn't like to say ;-)

  9. Thanks for mentioning me,Interested to hear about your former occupation:)


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