Friday, 17 August 2012

FO Friday 100: My Precioussssss

Oh yeah, baybee ! 

Two FOs today, and they are both MINE ! As in, I have made them for ME, and myself and I ! Which are the first things I have made for myself since I took up knitting again in 2008 - a mere 2 items out of (runs to check Ravelry projects page) 108 projects. So as you can tell, I am dead chuffed with both them and myself.


The first one was completed a couple of weeks ago; the 70% lambswool/30% silk aran chenille yarn, at 200m/100g was a great Ebay find, produced by Kingcraig Fabrics, and gifted to me as a late birthday present by my Good and Eviller Twins; a lovely shade of crimson-ruby:

And over the space of 17 days, I turned 4 balls of it into this: 

The Sienna cardigan from the Dolce Handknits book; I wished I had made the body a bit longer, as I do like an oversize woollie, but it is lovely. DH kindly took the photos for me, without regard for the background ....
And look ! I have 4 balls (approx. 800m) to make something else as well !

And then last night I finished Fitzroy, from the same book, in navy and white Rico Cotton Aran:

detail of Fitzroy pattern

There was no-one to model it, and no-one to take a photo of me in it if I modelled it, so here it doesn't show at it's best, hanging flat from a hanger; but I shall also wash and block it today, which will be the finishing touch. The Rico Cotton Aran was a lovely soft yarn to knit with, too.

There are quite a few more knittable and wearable patterns in the book; the yarns are clearly detailed so substitution in not a problem, and the patterns are very clear, with full instructions - I'll definitely buy it at some point, as I can't just keep renewing it from the library forever ...

So go and share the joy over at Tami's Amis - I can't be the only one who is this happy today.


  1. Wow! Two sweaters . . . They look lovely! And congrats on finally knitting things for yourself. I'm sure the blue looks just as smashing as the red.

  2. Oh your Sienna is lovely - well done! Gorgeous wool, and it must feel especially great to find it on eBay!

  3. So lovely! I´m knitting a cardigan and have the arms left. Destressing to knitt infront of the tv.

  4. Lovely stuff - nice to see you making gorgeous things for yourself :)

  5. Both look awesome! With your skills, I'm surprised you havent made and kept something for yourself sooner!

  6. sienna is gorgeous even with the shortened body..the fitzroy pattern looks intricate. nice work

  7. Wow. And wow. You are speedy and talented! Both look great.

  8. Both sweaters are beautiful, but I am drooling over your Sienna. Fabulous!

  9. I love your Sienna - great color! I like the shorter length, too. I'll look forward to seeing your second one washed and blocked - cause you know blocking iz magic. :)

  10. Your sweaters are both lovely. The chenille sounds like it must be quite luxurious to the touch.


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