Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WIP Wednesday 108: Two to Tango

Spiral Tarot

Almost lunchtime, and what have I done today ?

Pretty much nothing: slept late, fed the kids breakfast (including one of Mini Diva's BFFs who was here on a sleepover), fed the cats, fed the dog, did one load of washing, showered, played Top 5 with Destructo Boy to distract him from his sister being mean ....

And took a couple of photos for Work in Progress Wednesday, even though they make for dismal viewing in terms of progress; firstly, the little blankey I am making for Auntie Fashion from her choice of blingy yarn, James C.Brett's Moonlight  Sonata in the green colorway very unimaginatively called 'SM7'.

I actually really like this yarn, even when you can't see the sparkle; it's approx. £4.99/$7.90 for 100g/500m, so good value, and is lovely and soft too: plus the10% mohair gives it a pretty halo. Although I adjusted the colors, the picture doesn't really do justice to this yarn's vibrancy of turquoise, blues and greens. I'm using a modified version of the 'Branching Out' pattern; and - just like the last time I did it, as a scarf - one that is not to be knitted when tired or attempting to multi-task ....

And then there is my WIP of Shame, aka Destructo Boy's school sweater:

Which has not moved on at all because I'm bored with the cabling. Still, this is what I shall be knitting after making lunch as there is exactly one week to go before school starts; no doubt I shall find some company on either the Alibi or Eden channels. 

While I cannot justify any further procrastination right now, you, however, can continue yours by popping over to Tami's Amis and seeing how much further everyone else has got ....


  1. oh God. I have spent the morning inserting forms into blogger accounts, setting up mailchimp lists and fiddling about with HTML.

    I'd rather be knitting.

    All looks fab. Get on with that poor wee boy's sweater.

    Ali x

  2. I really like the yarn your using for the blanket. I didn't notice any sparkle in the photos, but I can picture it, and I think I like it even better!

  3. Cool yarn for your blanket - makes me think of kiwi fruit and hummingbirds for whatever reason :)

  4. Love the blanket - we need a close up of that yarn next time, though - it looks super!


  5. I really love blue and white together. :-)

  6. SM7 is awfully pretty for having such a boring name...


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