Friday, 11 January 2013

FO Friday 120: Two for the Show

AnnaK Tarot

Well I thought I had a few FOs to post today, what with Xmas and stuff getting in the way of blogging; it was quite disheartening to find, when I checked, that actually I only have 2 FOs that I hadn't posted about.

And of course, with all the ripping back and frogging I've been doing just recently, I have not fully completed anything, and I feel like my knitting is in serious slo-mo, or that I am stuck in some kind of time rift anomaly. Actually, probably I am stuck in a time rift anomaly, when I think about it. Don't be scared, I don't think about it much as space folding etc tends to fry my brain ...

My Eviller twin Ania not only worked out which hat I was talking about from the clues ''it's twisted and blue'', but then gifted the pattern to me:

Koolhaas for a Kool Bro

 The Koolhaas Hat took only about half a ball James C.Brett Marble DK 'MT26', aka, 'green'; made for my Über Cool Brother, who as an aficionado of authenticity, organic, and farmers' markets, appreciates hand-made quality.

And then there was the project I hinted about in black that involved colorwork, which was a present for my DH:

Stormtrooper Hat

Which had the desired effect of laughter....

Pop over to Tami's Amis to see what else is finished ....


  1. The hats are fantastic! My son would go crazy for the Stormtrooper one.

  2. Ooh, the Stormtrooper hat is a definite winner ;D With Christmas and Lenormand craziness, the tarot bag I started back in October is still on my needles, so your idea of a go-slow is still pretty amazing in my eyes!

  3. Love the hats, especially Koolhaus. Great job.


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