Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WIP Wednesday 127 : Three to Get Ready

Gilded Tarot

Ermagerd .... Finally .... finally .... finished the purple yarn and the purple shawl: odd how that happened simultaneously, huh.

Seeing as how I have mostly dealt with most of my control issues, I can now have a Plan and a List and not stick to either of them; I can mix it up with the best of the bad boys, like shuffling from the bottom to the top, adding something totally new and extraneous and even - whisper it oh so gently - actually ignore stuff and do something random instead: go me and spontaneity, woo-hoo.

Of course, I am talking about knitting, you knew that, right ? I did say 'mostly', not 'completely' dealt with, remember - baby steps, people, baby steps.

So anyway in a spontaneous fit of random organization (oxymoron ? No, what's that mean ?) I sorted and shuffled my Ravelry queue of Things I Must Make (TIMM). And guess what - I was so free-spirited that now I even have the patterns, yarn and notions for the first three items; the first of which is this lacy cardigan available free from the Patons website:

I shall make the adult version in King Cole Haze DK in the shade 'Evergreen', of which I know Stephcuddles will approve as it is so very very green:

Second is the beautiful Sweet Dreams Shawl by BooKnits, which I shall make using Austermann Merino Lace,

with charteuse beads from the fast and friendly Highly Strung Beads website:

Hard to visualize now, but it will look Fabulous, I promise. There's almost a theme developing, isn't there ? Not to worry, to reinforce just how carefree I am, the third project is this cardigan, from this book:

Which I was fortunate enough to receive from Denise over at Voie de Vie, my fantastic swap partner (and now also my friend) in last year's Blog Hub Swap; I even have the specified yarn, Filatura di Crosa Brilla, a gift from my DH, although in cream rather than the book's pink.

Look at that, isn't it great ? Organized, listed, planned, yet with a touch of whimsy that is not green. So, what have I actually cast on ? This:

I must be off, to revel in my untrammelled-ness, humming this as I go:

Now you too will be humming it as you view all the other lovely things at Tami's Amis ... you're welcome.


  1. That lace yarn is very pretty. The beads too. Thanks for the link to the bead shop as I only ever use Debbie Abrahams, which is good, but it is nice to have the option to choose where to buy from.

  2. I was just marvelling over all those gorgeous citrus-y greens when I came to that Bunny Pattern picture which is just darling! Your quit smoking counter is also awesome - too bad I can't even remember when I quit. Probably more than 15 years ago now. Just think, I've saved a fortune!

  3. Green is a great color. I don't see any problems with a wardrobe of green sweaters. :-D

  4. You crack me up! And I love your greenness, since that is my favorite shade of green, neon, lime, chartreuse, whatever you want to call it. I had my lime green phone case, with my neon cross-body bag, with my chartreuse shirt and a green scarf around my neck today. If the dog had not chewed up my green shoes, I would have had them on! LOL


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