Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIP Wednesday 129: Wednesday's Child

Housewives Tarot

.... is full of woe. And disgust. And even though I was not born on a Wednesday, I sure am feeling aggrieved - it started first thing this morning when I got out of bed: I put my slippers only to instantly shake them off as they were soaked in cat pee from Moonheart, Mini Diva's cat who has raised the Art of Passive-Aggressive so high that all others bow to her expertise and thoroughness; thoroughness illustrated by not just drenching the slippers, but also the surrounding carpet.

Daringly barefooted, I shuffled downstairs to find that Sebastian had eaten over half a big bag of pfeffernusse I had left on my desk, leaving me only the empty cellophane. You'd think this snack would have satisfied him, but no, when I let him out, he pooped and promptly ate it.

Cat 2, Inky, now seems to grace us with his presence only when whichever old lady who cossets him up the road has run out of food; she must have laid extra supplies in as we haven't seen him for a few days. Which leaves Cat 3, Jewel, who managed to extract herself from her cone of shame during the night and then scratch herself to pieces.

Destructo Boy's Beaver Scout group has collapsed abruptly in a messy morass of personality clashes and unprofessional behavior, and emails to the hierarchy go unanswered, apparently leaving us with the choice of letting him go to Cubs, for which he is too young, or moving to another Beaver group elsewhere.

Mini Diva is home sick, DH's monthly eye checkup told him he needs another injection (after about 6 months without) and to stop smoking on pain of blindness: which to me is more scarey than death. I am having internal thermostat issues which result in night sweats and thus wet pyjamas to go with the damp duvet - but hey, I guess at least they match my slippers for moisture levels.

And to cap it all, after I posted a picture of my progress on my Spring Green cardigan last week, I had to rip it all out and start again, because not only had I discovered what then became a glaring mistake, I had also managed to completely and totally forget which row of the pattern I was on, and I didn't have the necessary synaptic connections sparking to work it out. So last week's

looks unsurprisingly similar to this week's

If you made it this far, I am totally impressed - well done ! Reward yourself by heading on over to Tami's Amis for happy people ....


  1. Your cardigan looks lovely and was totally worth the rip and redo.
    I'm sorry to hear you're having some many things going wrong at one time. It sounds like my life to be honest, minus the cats. We have the geriatric dog who suddenly decided he was a puppy and chewed on my knitting bag. Luckily he was caught before too much damage was done...

  2. Ugh! A capital-C Crappo-Wednesday to be sure. Tomorrow must be better, right?

  3. Well that is a rubbish week. I suggest ditching the pets, their cute/annoyance ratio is obviously all wrong.

  4. I think that perhaps they ought to rename this month Crapuary, cos it seems to have been that sort of month. Roll on Fabruary!

  5. I have no idea what it was that the dog ate, but I'm betting that I would like it. Send me some when you get more. And don't send me the stuff that the dog has half-eaten. I will know *arch expression*

    It's been a pet-disaster, but February is nearly upon us - it will be better!!!!

    Ali x


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