Monday, 7 January 2013

One for the Money

Mediaeval Scapini Tarot

    So, a New Year is new beginnings ... yadda yadda. 

    I say yadda yadda as I don't do formal resolutions (far too easy and too tempting to break them) but instead I prefer to go with achievable intentions.

   This year I will need the help of The Emperor. He often gets a bum rap from tarotists, as who really wants to have lots of rigid structure, rules and self-discipline in their lives ? They're not generally seen as sexy qualities; but certainly they are necessary, unless one is happy as a homeless raggedy anarchist.

The Emperor achieves his empire with planning and forethought; a good judge of character, he can delegate specific aspects to people better suited than he is. He provides stability, authority, consistency and a structured framework, but is not so inflexible that he can't alter and adjust his plans to compensate for the vagaries of Chance. 

Spiral Tarot

I need his will, his self-discipline, his drive, and his ability to get things done.

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