Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WIP Wednesday 128: Martha

Tarot of  Durer

Today's theme song is:

Everything right now is making me feel as viciously bad-tempered as the man in the card: the builders and painter, although they are lovely people and tidy workers, are still here, and the house is therefore totally filthy and messy and cold and everything is topsy-turvy and I hate it passionately. And because it is still sub-zero even though the snow is slowly melting, I can't even sit out of the way on the patio.

I went up to Mini Diva's school yesterday evening to hear the excuses explanation for why her school has dropped from Ofsted grade 2 to 4 'inadequate with important weaknesses' in the last 6 years or so. There was no apology - which had at least one parent vociferously riled (no, it wasn't me, I promise); there was blame - it is all owing to the 'legacy of underachievement' ie. the last head teacher, who left over 2 years ago; and there is a shiny nice new plan of action and lots of external monitoring. They missed the many opportunities to use the cool phrases like 'empowerment' and 'owning', but at least managed to get in 'engaged' and 'on board'. 

But all in all, it wasn't quite the lynch mob that might have been expected: that segment of the crowd was quelled by ignoring their questions as long as possible, and then saying that this meeting was not the place for their particular comments, talk to the head teacher: which is all very well if she ever answered letters, or was available and approachable for parents. It is very fortunate that Mini Diva's academic performance has not been affected, but I feel for those parents whose children are losing ground.

Things have been so up in the air that I have not even managed to do any knitting since the weekend, and as I can only knit Flopsy when Mini Diva is not here, I have not got any further than the body:

the pin marks the right side & which way is up

When she is around, to allay the suspicion that the zombie apocalypse is starting (which is what having nothing on my needles would engender), I am working on the spring green lace cardigan:

 While I go see if there is perhaps one undisturbed, un-dusty, relatively warm corner of the house to cower in, why not pop over to Tami's Amis for far more cheer and positivity ....


  1. Flopsy looks gorgeous! However, it must be KILLING you not to be knitting. If I was you, I'd make a big mug of something hot and comforting, get togged up and go and sit on the patio. In a chair, obviously.


  2. I know the feeling and you have my sympathies, both for building (in my case plumbing) chaos and forgetting to turn the heating back on.

  3. Oh man, builders suck big time, even nice ones! Wishing you a quick recovery of your home. As for going to the patio, I imagine your fingers might get frostbite if you tried knitting outdoors at the moment *eek*

  4. Why do builders seem to spread through the whole house. Hope your homes your own again soon. Flopsy looks so cuddly and I love the colour of the cardi.
    Ali x

  5. Too bad we don't live anywhere near each other. You could come over and join my knit group at my house today. Catered luncheon and birthday cake! What better way to spend the day. The green lace will be beautiful.

  6. At least the knits look cheery and spring-like. :) It will all get better, really it will. In the meantime, just keep making the all-important hot toddies.


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