Thursday 27 August 2009

Getting It Together Part 1

OK, I realize it's rather late in the year to be starting some good intentions, but I want that road to be paved, you know ? I want some style and ease on my journey. So my first good intention is to update this blog at least once a week.

This newfound Puritan work ethic resulted from rebuilding my website, Kismet's Companion, with a better webhost. Lacking a Mom to do the Mom Test, I girded my loins and underwent the Brother Test - kinda the same thing, but much harder to survive with any remnant of self-esteem, as my brother thinks social niceties like sugaring the medicine are wasted on mere family.

It was very helpful, and very constructive; however, although over the years I have vastly improved my ability to actually listen to criticism, my endurance of it is somewhat limited. I will make some changes, based on his input, but the stuff dearest to my heart will remain unchanged. I think the sequence of cards (from Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot) that best illustrate this experience are as follows:

If you think other cards would be better at describing this situation, let me know ....

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  1. Well, glad to see that your password surfaced from the depths :-)

    Weekly updates? I shall look forward to reading your musings on life, the universe and Tarot.

    So 3 Pents - work. And in co-operation with others (yer bro!). Knight of Swords - either your younger bro pontificating about something that you KNOW you can do better. 5 Pents - the lack card - but also offers possibilities of sanctuary for your blog in places that you might not have expected? 9 Wands - being able to take the criticisms offered without smacking said brother in the kisser, but still bridling (but railing against someone who is not out to get you!)

    Yup - seems feasible ;-)



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