Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Life Gets Teejus, Don't It ?

From the final verse of a song my parents had on LP (remember vinyl ??), by Carson Robinson:

Grief and misery, pains and woes
Debts and taxes, so it goes
I think I'm gettin' a cold in my nose
Life gets teejus, don't it.

Trouble comes in threes, they say. This last weekend, my hairdryer broke (blowing its fuse every time it was switched on) and DH consigned it to the bin. It is one of the few times I need a hairdryer for the hairstyle I currently have. Boy, I hate straight hair and wish I could afford a perm - smudge of mousse, run your fingers through your hair, and - done.

Also this weekend, the washing machine quit working. It drained, but the drum wouldn't turn to agitate, or to spin. It turns out the carbon brushes had gone (whatever they are) and it was not cheap to fix. However, it is fixed now (thanks to my friend Mandi's uncle), which is a Good Thing, as I have had to wash DS' complete school uniform both yesterday and today, since he 'thlipped in the mud, Mummy'. I think he is really PigPen in disguise. It's not just the washing, of course, it's the getting it dry in time for the following day - in the cold, short autumn days which are all too often wet days too. My tumble dryer guilts me every time I see it outside tidily wrapped in its tarp. I want it, I want it, I want it, I really want it. Are you getting my message here ? I really want it. But, it won't fit in the house and sucks electricity like the government sucks money from taxpayers. The only meagre plus side is that I'm environmentally friendly by not using it, which puts me on some kind of moral high ground somewhere, no doubt. But a feeling of righteousness does not sustain me; global warming and climate change pale into insignificance when it comes to wet school uniforms.

So the third thing hasn't happened yet. Our theme this time is obviously electrical, and we have the rest of the week to go .....stay tuned and send mojo that it won't be either the computer or the TV. I can survive anything else.

In knitting news, I have completed the feather and fan baby blanket for my SIL's Bump; I found the pattern here; I may have mentioned that it is in James C. Brett marble DK yarn - a nice, soft acrylic that will wash and wear well.

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