Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bits and Bobs

So, my brother came to visit with me on Wednesday, bringing a new hard drive for my computer. He drove me far, far out of my comfort zone by insisting that I actually fit it. Under his patient supervision, I opened the casing and unscrewed, unclipped and in general footled about in the inside gubbins of my computer. Please to note, my confident use of the correct technical terms.

Alas, not everything was straightforward - it didn't work straight away, so it was lucky for me he was here to take over and do the troubleshooting; he also re-installed all my most necessary basic programs. I fed him dinner (pre-cooked by DH, naturellement) and we had a wideranging and in-depth discussion about Family. Which was quite surprising, as my brother hates to re-hash old history. So it was a productive and interesting evening, although the 2 a.m finish did nothing for my beauty or temper the next day.

Friday evening we went to a local fireworks display. It started to shower as we left, and by the time we got there it was pouring and quite windy - the announcer kept apologizing for the delays between fireworks, but the fuses had got damp. I didn't get to see any but those at the very start, as DS remembered that he doesn't like really really loud noises, and wanted to be taken home. So we trickled our way down the hill with the rainwater, while DH and DD remained to get soaked to the skin with our neighbors Su and Hannah; they arrived back shiveringly drowned in spite of having been dressed appropriately for a polar expedition. Therefore, Bonfire Night this year was a damp squib (no apologies for the bad pun).

Once we had sorted out Ingrid the Volvo's flat battery with a call to the efficient and inexpensive recovery people, Saturday was spent mainly ferrying DD and various friends to dance class and parties - I wish my social life was as varied and full. Or maybe not, as I don't think I have the stamina any longer to be on the go non-stop, as they are. DS got another pair of school trousers, as last week I had to wash them, his sweatshirt, shirt and coat every single day. It turns out he was irresistably drawn to roll down a muddy hill - of course ..... so I shall speak to his teachers, as I can't work out where the hill is on their perfectly flat and level playing field.

Sunday was on overdue visit to the optician for me, a contact lens check which was fine, and an eye test which showed that I am aging - I can't do close work or reading anymore. I have also been referred on to a specialist clinic as I have signs of glaucoma. I did a marathon load of ironing, installed a bunch more programs on my computer, and had a marvellous roast chicken dinner courtesy of DH. The only slight upset of the day was when vegetarian DD's cat Moonheart appeared over the wall of the garden with a live blackbird as her new playmate. Unfortunately, the blackbird had soon ceased to be, passed on, was no more, expired and gone to meet 'is maker, a stiff, bereft of life (thank you, Monty Python) - although the play aspect continued for some unpleasant while. Cue conversation about the cycle of life and how even pet cats always, always have a little bit of Wild in them.

Moonheart in ambush mode

We also put our boxes together for Operation Christmas Child ready to take to school tomorrow.

DD spent much thought and effort on what should go into her box; DS .... not so much; but I had commandeered - pardon me, I meant to say 'volunteered' - Daddy's packing expertise to the Cause.

And now, my favorite time of day .... everyone is in bed except me. Everything is finally quiet and peaceful. Time to put the kettle on and finish the baby hoodie - border done today, sewing up to do tonight, may have to buy suitable buttons tomorrow ......

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