Tuesday 15 June 2010


I guess since this is the second time someone has nominated my blog for this award, it can no longer be just be a one-off freakish aberration the day Alison was off her meds. Unless, of course, Mimi has also not been wearing the tin foil hat as carefully instructed (with diagrams and everything).

I am, of course, both touched and honored that my two favorite nutters managed to escape the asylum for long enough to hotfoot it to the nearest internet cafe just to nominate this blog.

I think I am supposed to list 10 odd things you might not know about me - where to start on a list that might be infinite ?

1. songs I want played at my cremation:
2. I once sat next to Herb Reed of The Platters during a plane flight; his diamond and gold Rolex was amazing. Ostentatious, but amazing.
3. My favorite place in the world is here. I will live there if I win the lottery.
4. I rarely watch a movie with a 'message', and never one with a bad or unhappy ending.
5. This is my idea of the perfect male body. Although he needs to be taller.
6. I am English by birth, Czech/Trinidadian and English by parentage.
7. I am fascinated (and knowledgeable) about plant poisons.
8. I believe washing powder/liquid adverts.
9. I always cry at the end of this. Watch it from 6:58 mins.
10. I will own another Alsatian before I die.

And now to pass forward the accolade, 10 Beautiful Blogs:
1. Hestia's Larder
2. Stick Horse Cowgirls
3. Magic Hands
4. Unbought Delicacies
5. Tarot Eon
6. Patti Flynn
7. Needles of Iron
8. Cherry Makes
9. Fridica
10. You Just Gotta Keep Knittin'

Enjoy !


  1. Note to self: Viv knows about poisons......that could be both handy and terrifying in equal measure!

    On less scary note - thank you so much for giving Hestia a Beautiful Blogger award. She is thrilled and will now be unbearable to live with :-)

    JCvD - what a torso....*rolls up tongue and puts back in mouth*

    And love your place to live. Have you been there before?

    Ali x

  2. Why, yes, I have been to Roatan twice :-D while I was in Honduras for a few months :-)


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