Tuesday 8 June 2010

Three Ps

It's a horrible wet chilly grey rainy day, so to remind myself that really it is summer, in spite of all appearance to the contrary, here are two flower photos from my father's garden:



And the third 'P' is Proof - that I do cook occasionally:


Yes, Dad, that is your cast iron frying pan - thanks.


  1. I need to know - wtf is karbonatky?

    Sweet? Savory? Eaten alone? As accompaniment?

    Ali x

    PS - flowers look great. But karbonatky looks better....

  2. It's savory: kind of like a tasty burger, I guess, but breaded twice then fried; eaten hot or cold as a main meal, goes great with home-made potato salad and a green salad :-)

  3. Interesting. The flower pics are so pretty.

  4. Thanks, Sara :-) Taken with the my phone, which is the same pixelage(?) as my camera, it turns out ....

  5. I made these with Sonshine last night - went beautifully with a bag of salad. I used a lot of lemon juice and coriander too - just to cut through the meatiness of the burgers ;-)

    We got very messy with the double-dipping. Deffo doing it again!

    Ali x

  6. Oh lord, Alison, what have you done ?? this will ruin my reputation ! :-)


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