Thursday 9 December 2010

Deadline Approaching

I've been focussed on other things recently, like readings for clients, preparing and selling soaps for the little Xmas craft fair organized in our local library (I did quite nicely, thank you, and all proceeds already spent, of course; I also did well in my bartering/trading ... perhaps I am secretly a Ferengi ?) and DH's Big Four-Oh - he loved his voucher for a track day driving an Aston Martin and an Audi R8: so much so that he said that they'd have to surgically remove the grin from his face. Quite an accolade, from a man who specializes in 'smiling on the inside'. And this gift Win means that I can tell you that my own self-satisfaction has hit record levels: no surprise there, then.

But anyway, because I've been focussed on those things, progress on the SoDMk2 has slowed somewhat; as I've said before, obviously I can only work on it during the week while DH is away at work. I figure that this gives me just next week and about 2 days of the week after to complete it. Here is where it's got to so far:

Back, front, and one sleeve done; other sleeve half-done; collar unstarted. It is looking feasible that this might just get done in time for Xmas.

The other thing that is looking like it might be achieved before Xmas is my new dog. Inclement weather meant we could not drive down to Eastbourne last weekend, but it is all scheduled in for this Saturday; as long as all goes well ie. he doesn't eat the kids on sight, we shall bring him back with us. Superstition means I shan't post a picture of the dog quite yet, but suffice it to say that
he is not one of these:

or these:

as my taste in dogs (and men) runs well into L sizing and beyond ....


  1. I'll have you know that I've had TWO Yorkshire Terriers - not that teeny toy kind, but proper dogs and they were BRILLIANT wee guys.

    Also Llhasa Apsos are hilarious - treat every offer of a chocolate button like you're trying to poison them.

    Hmmm -might need to get a dawgie myself.

    Good luck this weekend !!!!


    PS - jersey look FAB!

  2. Oh but the ickle doggies are so cute! Says she who has a hulking great labrador ;)

    Have a great weekend and fingers crossed the new dog doesn't munch the children.


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