Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back with a Bang

Well, the festive period meant a longer than usual blogging hiatus, since both my DH and my father were at home - my father after an unplanned stay in Houston, and then via Schiphol and the ferry to Harwich (without any luggage, as it was all lost in transit - so much for the extra security regulations about unaccompanied luggage) rather than flying in to Heathrow, because of the snow.

It was good to meet my father's fiancee and two of her children, although I did pity them for their obvious sufferings in the cold temperatures here. Santa visited our house and left my children thoroughly spoiled, having received every item they had asked for: but, to be fair, their lists were not extensive, and Mini Diva's did include a request for catnip for the cats ...

And I was also very spoiled - you met my main Xmas present already; and as DH realized far too late (as in, Christmas morning) that he had not got gifts to/for me from the children, the ensuing guilt was much to my advantage, since it resulted in a lunch out and this:

3 skeins of Araucania Ranco Multy in shade 351, bought from the lovely Karen over at Twist in Woodbridge (who also has some lovely Fyberspates laceweight that I managed to resist, as well as some fantabulous Manos del Uruguay silk yarn which I will go back for next time DH has put himself in the dog-house ...)

I don't often spend that much money - even when it's DH's guilt-money - on a yarn, but my friend Ania had gifted me a beautiful pattern, also for Christmas: the Starflower Estonian Lace Baby Blanket, by Hazel Roots; it won't be a baby blanket, but it does deserve some special yarn - hence the Araucania. It may be some time til I start it, as it does involve a couple of techniques new to me, and I am an old dog when it comes to these kinds of things ....

Since we are speaking of special people, and special yarn, the two combined for me this year in this unexpected and delightful Xmas gift from my friend Mimi, which arrived most appositely on Xmas Eve, in spite of snow-caused backlogs:

This 440 yards of 4 ply superwash wool was hand-dyed especially for me, and so, in addition, is totally unique. I can't tell you the buzz that is to me - I imagine it's somewhat akin to having a rose named after you. However, I can tell you that I am filled with a gloating satisfaction when I look at it. I am told it would make a nice pair of socks, but as I have mentioned before, that is an addiction I refuse to engage with.


  1. Yes, you have been missed. Your hubby buys presents? Actually chooses & goes out & buys them? Amazing!!

  2. Umm. well ....no LOL he took me, I chose, he paid :-) I would be curious to see what he would choose for me ...I will do that next time ;-)

  3. Really looking forward to seeing how the starflower looks in that fab yarn.
    I won't persist in proselytising about sock knitting, so how about a nice cowl

  4. My hubby buys pressies, Lori - they were even a complete surprise this year. I was expecting some knitting bits that he'd asked if I'd like, but got completely different stuff. Think he was laying a trail of red herrings ;D

  5. Welcome back! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. :o)

  6. Your Aruacania is gorgeous. It evokes an image of a smoldering volcano with it's hues of rock, earth, smoke and glowing lava. I hope the DH misbehaves soon so you (and we) can find out what he'd choose. Maybe he'll read the blog for hints?


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