Thursday, 17 February 2011

Aha !

'' Aha ! ''

'' Whyfor you sez 'aha!' ? ''

'' For the same reason anyone sez 'aha!' when they jumps out from ahind a tree ''

No, I don't know what it means; it's something my father says, so now when I think or say 'Aha!', the rest of the saying follows automatically. And now you too can suffer enjoy and ponder its quaint Caribbean quirkiness. I defy you to check all that punctuation, while we're at it.

So anyway, my Aha! moment came while I was browsing the patterns on Ravelry. Having received the gorgeous specially-dyed-just-for-me 4-ply superwash yarn from my friend Mimi for Christmas, as I'm sure you recall, but here's a picture anyway, as almost-gratuitous Yarn Porn:

it has been quite taxing me as to what to do with it, a problem simmering along in the background of my mind, so to speak; having been gifted the yarn specially for me, I couldn't - and didn't want to - use the yarn to make something for someone else. But I am not a socknitter, for which this yarn would be perfect. I was leaning towards making a cushion cover - the colors would be lovely, I could have fun designing it, etc - but I just felt that this yarn could be ... More ... yanno ?

And then I was thinking how it is ridiculous, that as a knitter, not only have I never made myself something, I also wear in winter a fleece scarf and a sheepy looking fleece hat. Nothing woollen or even knitted, let alone stylish. Oh the shame. But I am of an age where Style and Practicality ie. warmth do not acknowledge each other as the most distant of relatives: it's most definitely one or the other, it seems to me, and never the twain shall meet.

Until now. I have found the perfect hat pattern , by Diane Kostecki, for this yarn: a brim/peak to keep the rain out of my eyes, a slight slouch to the crown to allow for my hair, and a pretty, feminine stitch. I shall sleep soundly tonight, no more tossing and turning, moaning for the lack of pattern and purpose .... one more of the world's great problems solved.


  1. That looks like a great hat, Viv. But I iz shocked to learn that you don't have a knitted scarf or hat!!

    A very lovely pusscat knitted me a scarf that I have been wearing TO DEATH this winter.

    How long will it take you to knit this and when are you going to show us you modelling the self same bunnet ;-)

    Ali x

  2. That hat *is* perfect and the yarn will just shine! I can't wait to see it!

    PS: You really should give socks a try. ;-)

  3. I can see your problem, but I think you've found a GRAND solution. Honestly, a knitter without a handknit hat. For shame ;)


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