Tuesday 10 April 2012

The Eggsnatcher

Even though the Easter Bank Holiday weekend weather was bad - grey, cold and rainy (we are not complaining about the rain, however, since the hosepipe ban also came into effect this weekend) - DH actually wasn't working for one of the Bank Holidays, so we had a long weekend with him, which was lovely. Once the chores were done, we couch-potatoed through all the good films that were on the TV.

The Easter Bunny visited, leaving generous amounts of chocolate eggs in our front garden, which were collected with much glee by Destructo Boy and Mini Diva, and then divided out without any squabbling, believe it or not.

The children left their two tidy piles of eggs on our bedroom floor. This was unfortunate on two counts: firstly, we have a Thief. The Thief is not allowed upstairs, which he knows; but, secondly, when the house is empty, there is no-one to say him nay. 

So we came back from a short trip to get bread to find nothing but a few bits of shiny gold and silver foil scattered across the carpet, and a rather large shamefaced dog who tried to squeeze himself into the smallest space possible to make himself unnoticeable: which didn't work, there is too much of him to hide successfully ....

He had no supper, and is none the worse for his chocolate intake: we figure even several small eggs don't really impact on him as he is now a healthy 40kg (88lbs) or so. But I think the kids  have at last learned the lesson of not leaving anything edible where Sebastian can reach it ...


  1. LOL At least eggs are food, mine went through a phase of eating the plaster off the walls :/

  2. DOGS! Honestly! Bitter (RIP) was OBSESSED with fruit and vegetables. If she caught anyone eating a piece of fruit she'd sit down in front of them and make the saddest, most forlorn face in the history of the universe. You'd think we never fed her.

  3. I have shared your cautionary tale with my children and my dog, none of whom seem able to absorb this lesson. Alas for me.

  4. lol! Just shows you how little actual chocolate there is in Easter Eggs! Poor Sebastian - hope his behind doesn't let him down, if you catch my drift.

    And the poor littlies, whose eggs got eaten. Experience can come at a hell of a price. All your Easter Eggs being one of the very highest when you are still hobbit-sized ;-)

    Ali x

  5. I love your description of the thief trying to hide! I hope nothing horrible comes of this escapade. :-)


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