Tuesday 3 July 2012

Poll: Parenting Win or Fail ?

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So the kids have been super-busy, with school, parties, sleepovers and extra-curricular activities, and going to bed while it's still light outside makes everything more challenging. Destructo Boy didn't get back from his Beaver Scouts trip until just on 9pm yesterday, and Mini Diva is sniffling, so I decided I would let them sleep themselves out today, and phone them in sick to school; I thought this would go down especially well with Mini Diva, who finds school somewhat of a drag currently.

But no. Sometime in the night, some kind of goblin or maybe a fairy had visited, and turned my children into changelings: Destructo Boy said that he didn't want to spoil his good attendance record, and even Mini Diva said she'd like to go to school if I didn't mind.

So, seeing as how by now it was 8:00am and we need to leave the house at 8:20am, the rush started; Mini Diva was only 10 minutes late for school - for just the third time in 4 and a half years. I am back home eating cookies and surfing the web as usual, a little non-plussed by this unexpected behavior. Here's the question: 

The children would rather go to school on a grey drizzly day than stay home with their Mama:

Is this a parenting Win or Fail ?


  1. I was soooo tempted to click on the 'I just want to click something' button. You have clearly, although somewhat bewilderingly, imbued them with a sense of duty and diligence. To be applauded!!!!!!!

    Or are they getting this from their father?!

    Ali x

    1. They might be,akshully; he has a work ethic that would scare a Puritan ...

  2. WIN on every level in my book :D
    Last half term, DD announced that actually she would be quite glad to be back at school on the Monday. I suspect that being allowed to go feral for 5 days at the Colchester Medieval festival has taken its toll LOL

  3. Independent children with a good sense of responsibility? I'd say you're doing something right.

  4. Independent, responsible, AND you get the house to yourself - what's not to love! :) I agree with Ali, though, I almost went for "I just want to click something" ;D

  5. It's unanimous - a big ole win, win, win! Treat them to something nice *after* school, for being such fastidious kids. :)


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