Tuesday 31 July 2012

More Queueing

Spiral Tarot

Some of the key words for this card are rest, relaxation, healing and contemplation - and this is indeed what I have been trying to do recently. 

Mini Diva is on a visit to my sister Auntie Fashion, where she is being spoiled rotten. If it is dry ie. nearly every day, Destructo Boy is out with his 'Boiz' - he is one of 6 boys in our street; he is the youngest at 6 1/2, the oldest is 9 1/2, so the scooters, bikes and roller skates are taking a beating, when playing Army or Cops & Robbers has begun to pall. 

What this actually means is that I have almost forgotten what my children look like, and that the house is eerily silent; this means that when my insomnia catches up with me, I can take a peaceful nap.

While I was awake, I completed the Sienna cardigan from Dolce Handknits, made with the lambswool/silk chenille given to me by my Twins; as this was not the pattern I originally chose (the yarn wasn't suitable), I knew I would have plenty: Sienna calls for 1250 yards/1143 metres of worsted weight yarn for the 35 1/2 inch size; I appear to have used just over 800m. The cardigan seems to be the correct gauge, and - more importantly - fits. So who knows. Anyhoo, I have about 800m of this lovely stuff left, to make something else with.

I ordered some aran-weight cotton (with great difficulty in finding it, and then some technical glitches which meant that when they found my lost order, there was no longer enough of the colorway that I had chosen) for the Fitzroy cardigan from the same book; I think I may actually have to buy the book - I have already renewed my library loan of it once.

Then on a trip out with Auntie Fashion, she bought some yarn so I could make her a blankey/throw for her bed: ; see, even her yarn has bling in it:

Today I bought some additional supplies for Destructo Boy's school sweater for next year; last year's disappeared at school, and has not been seen since ...

Stylecraft Special in the colorway 'Midnight'

 And then, just because they were a good price and I liked the colors, these somehow made their way into my stash after a visit to Wibbling Wools:               

Austermann Merino Lace , 349m/25g

Adriafil Azzurra, 3ply, 225m/50g

Even the thought of all this knitting waiting for me is making me feel tired; there is certainly plenty to contemplate ! But, I will not be overwhelmed, I will take it one project at a time. Or maybe more .....


  1. The green rather makes my eyeballs bleed but the rest of the stash looks yummy :) When are we going to see this chenille cardi then?

  2. oooooh I am suffering from yarn envy!

    What fab stuff you've got going there! Am envious of your empty house. I have to kick my son out - to be fair, the weather has been mostly rotten - but today he's been out since half ten!!!! *high fives anyone passing*


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