Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Pendulum Swings

New Palladini Tarot

 Two actual conversations that I've had this week with Destructo Boy:

Conversation #1, in town, at a closing down sale of a shoe shop:

DB: Mum, if you want any of these shoes, I'll buy them for you with my own money. Even if you want all of them.

Me: Aaaw, hun, that's really nice of you, thank you ! Why would you do that ?

DB: Because you're my Mum and I love you lots.

 Conversation #2, in the kitchen:

Me: Phew, something is really stinky in here, I think we need to take the trash out.

DB: No offence, Mum, but it might be you because you haven't had a shower yet.


  1. LOL. Just wait until he's a bit older - we call DS Smellbert. Boys are just stinky.

  2. Boys are stinky *nods in agreement* and they seem to have an aversion to water. And then when you get them INTO the shower, they stay in there until the walls are running with condensation....

    Sonshine's latest cracker with me was: Do you miss working at the News agents? I worked at a newsPAPER.

  3. Oh Destructo Boy, what a little angel/devil :) hope the school holidays are going well!

  4. lol - way too funny! He's not attached to his money, but definitely to his smell. I think there's some metaphor in there somewhere. :)

  5. Aww, well, you wouldn't want him to be too sappy, right?


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