Tuesday 28 August 2012

Clean and Green

Whimsical Tarot

So I didn't have any proper project - by which I mean something new - in mind last week, for while the kids were away at their Nanny's. Instead I wasted 8 or so hours of my life that I'll never get back, in cleaning and sorting the kids' bedrooms; a semi-annual clear-out that I can only do in their absence, in the interests of their survival.

Add one more full-to-capacity black bin bag to the photo below, and your mind must boggle, as mine did: since most of this was from Destructo Boy's room, the smallest bedroom, say, 9 foot by 7 foot ? And furthermore, most of it was from under his bed, which didn't need feet as it was surfing on the top of a wave of broken toys and other assorted random crap. I just don't know how he does it, unless there are Tardis-like aspects that we have not as yet considered; as you know, physics is not my strong suit.

His conversation since his return has been peppered with ''Oh my, look, you found X ! And 
Y ! And I forgot ALL about that I even HAD Z ! And wow ! I thought this was broken, but you found it and fixed it ! Oh wow, thanks so much I love you !'' which has been quite rewarding, it must be said.

The only other properly useful thing I did was to re-pot all the houseplants, after an emergency trip with Belo to B&Q when I realized that I had nowhere near enough pots for the job:

I used a whole 50 litre bag of compost, and took loads of offcuts and plantlets as well as potting on:

If you noticed the dirty windows, in my defence, they are on the 1st floor, on the outside - I shall pinch my neighbor's window-cleaner when he is next here, I promise. The only room I forgot to take a photo of was the kitchen windowsill, which has 3 pelargoniums on it currently, one of which is my citrus-scented specialty that I am desperately trying to rescue from the oblivion of some kind of black stem rot - I took a cutting from the main plant before it succumbed, it's whether I got it in time and also if it takes ... Wish me luck.

And in this final week of the school holidays, I have yet to complete Destructo Boy's school sweater,which is a bit of a chore as the cabling is boring me, but I am a Grown Up and I have Discipline. Or so I keep telling myself ....


  1. Holy cow, your plants looks great! I so don't have a green thumb. :)

    And I laughed out loud at the trash from Destructo Boy's bedroom. Way too funny!

  2. goodness, that's a lot of pot planets! I'm not good with houseplants - plus the most of the windows in this house don't have sills to sit things on. Well done you. But stay AWAY from the macrame!!!

    Ali x


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