Monday, 11 February 2013


Victorian Romantic Tarot

So OK, the muses have abandoned me - even Melpomene, for which one must be appropriately grateful - and so I have been very, very quiet.

But I know you are as nosey curious as me, so you'll be wanting to know what I received for my birthday last week; and if you're a tarot person, look away now, because nobody gave me anything to do with tarot at all. I know, right ?

But, my other obsession has been generously catered for, as you can see below, although my Twins appear to have swapped roles ...

My Eviller Twin gifted me with the pattern for the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan, and Belo gave me cash to buy yarn with, so I bought a cardigan's worth of Stylecraft Life DK in Rose (even though the Eviller Twin curls her lip at pink as being suitable only for little girls up to the age of six ... which is not me). But I think it will look lovely, and the lighter color will show the pattern to better advantage:

Belo's generosity stretched to these as well:

400m of 'Parakeet 17' Jawoll Magic Degrade

600m of 100% 4 ply lambswool in 'sky blue'

And somehow I managed to find a Raveller who was destashing some marvellous Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in 'Gold' for the absolutely bargain irresistible price of only £10 (approx.$15) ! So that was my birthday present to myself ....

So that's the yarn part of my birthday swag, and I hope you'll notice my adventurousness in terms of colors chosen ... not my usual kind of palette at all, I think.

Good Twin obviously revelled in being more evil, as see what she has sent to me:

It is very pretty, and is on my bedside table to be dwelled on before sleep. But dwelled on in a kind of theoretical, distanced way. You know, like, wow that's totes amazing and I will never make anything from this book in this lifetime or any other but I really enjoy the eye candy. But in a parallel universe somewhere there is a Me that has already completed at least one of these patterns. Probably the same universe in which there is a Me that is six foot tall who does not have panic attacks when getting into a car.

The SIL who is thoughtfully providing a baby in August just for me to knit some pretty things for, sent me this book. I am not saying that there is any kind of point or agenda, oh no. But I used to think she was a gentle, kind person.

And therefore it is also directly her fault that I spent the Amazon vouchers sent by my lovely MIL on a book of Baby Afghan patterns. 

Crochet patterns, because we like a laugh realistic goal, don't we ?

I might have more to say later this week: but you'll never know unless you come back to see, will you ?


  1. There are some fantastic colours in there Viv! And plenty of beautiful baby things to knit :)
    Is your SIL expecting a boy or a girl? Due in August, she probably hasn't had the 20 week scan for you to work that out yet, but some lovely ideas for you to "play" around with in the mean time :)

    1. And no Tarot decks?! Thing is, you've probably OWNED most of the ones people know you'd like, so you're a tad awkward on that front my dear ;)

    2. LOL yes, it might be challenging to find me something I don't/haven't had that I want, tarot-wise :-)

  2. Love the Parakeet - wotcha gonna make with that? Something by Natalia Sha perhaps ( ? :D
    I have a some vintage baby shawl knitted patterns if you want

  3. I thought that the book would offer you a challenge. Didn't want to get you something that you'd already done :-D

    Love the yarn that you've been given!

    Ali x

  4. The Psychopath Test is a really interesting book! You'll probably start giving some of your coworker the side-eye after you read it. Oh, and Happy B-day!

  5. Happy birthday (belated) and love the stash enhancement!


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