Wednesday 27 February 2013

WIP Wednesday 133: Frankenwabbit 2 or, Igor Gets to Work

Victorian Romantic Tarot

Well, I survived half-term, and in fact I would have really enjoyed it if only the kids hadn't been hell-bent on squabbling every living moment of every day. I was dutifully maternal, enough so that I didn't get to knit very much; so today I was looking at the WIP I'm supposed to be rushing through, but thinking ''Meh'' and just not feeling the love for it:

Cafe au Lait Mitts, left hand, Sirdar Country Style DK

 And at the back of my mind was this itch, the really irritating kind of itch where you have forgotten something vitally important, but you haven't forgotten that you forgot. After Herculean efforts in the old brainbox, I remembered the FrankenWabbit, which MUST be completed for Mini Diva's birthday next week. 

So today may now be told in pictures:

Right, Igor, find me the body parts

2 rabbit's feet must be extra lucky. Except not for the rabbit

we're not too fussy about sourcing our body parts, are we, Igor ?

only missing 1 limb, does it really need all four, Igor ?

sitting before we can lie down, are we, Frankenwabbit ?

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Wabbit

Igor, where is his neck ??

Quick Igor, hide him, I can hear the villagers coming ...

Igor, coffins are for vampires, not Frankenwabbits

                                    “...learn from my miseries, and do not seek to increase your own.” 
                                                                Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

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  1. I think that he's GORGEOUS! I looked at the picture of him without his head and thought that his arms were his ears and that his face would be on his tummy - and I STILL thought that he looked gorgeous!

    Ali x

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  3. What an adorable bunny!! Can't wait to see the guy in all his glory.

  4. Great story in pictures! I don't envy you that sewing up. I feel bad having all these negative feelings about that really cute bunny! In fact, I think he deserves lying in the dark chest. I'm a bad person, I guess.

  5. that was fun. jolly good story! I look fwd to seeing him with ears!

  6. That rabbit is fantastic. He looks so adorably fluffy, too!

  7. He's looking great, but perhaps a tiny bit forlorn at not having any ears? I have to admit I'm a little jealous of his temporary abode. That is a beautiful chest.

  8. Your story in pictures made me laugh :)


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