Friday, 1 March 2013

FO Friday 127: Frankenwabbit 3, The Final Sequel

Alice Tarot

Here we are, another week done. And after a recent dearth of FOs the size of the Sahara, today we have two. 

Well, one and a half really, because mitts come in pairs and I have completed only one, which makes the half: But I will take any crumb.

Cafe au Lait mitt

Not washed or blocked yet, which I'm hoping will have a beneficial effect on the curly top edge: I used the Miraculous Elastic Bind-off, and not only is it miraculously elastic (as promised) but somewhat bulky, giving the mitt that kind of almost frilled look ...

And here we have him, the pièce de résistance: I present to you, Frankenwabbit.

He has been washed and dried, although unfortunately not in a tumble dryer which I think would have benefited the fluffiness of the yarn. Washing him I knew had a high-risk element to it for other reasons, namely, since I sewed it together, maybe Frankenwabbit would come apart and then clog the filters with his guts ... but no, that gory scenario was just a worrisome wraith of imagination. 

What it did do was re-distribute his bowels and intestines within his body - I had put more stuffing in that recommended, plus a small bag of polypellets in his bum to weight him which after the wash ended up closer to his neck; and if he had had less stuffing, he would not have been so easy to pull and manipulate back into some kind of normal shape. Yes, I know I have called him Frankenwabbit, but that was supposed to be humorous, not an actual description of his actual appearance.

I shall not be making him again. But say I were to fall victim to total memory loss combined with creative insanity, then next time I would be looking to knit lots of him in the round, to avoid all that seaming. This is also definitely not a pattern that would work in a plain, non-fuzzy or non-furry yarn: the end result relies on that for not only the cuddly look, but the actual cuddliness.

The final touches were his fluffy tail, which, since he is sitting on it, you cannot see, but which although invisible I promise you - like gravity - is there, and the pretty ribbon round his lack of a neck. Now all I need to do is work out how to package and/or wrap him ....

 Hop on over (oh how they all laughed at the pun) to Tami's Amis  to see more prideful objects ....


  1. He is adorable. Look at his chest, all puffed up with pride. I am sure he will be cuddled to death and you may end up having to do a Frankenstein like surgery to revive him. The mitt is beautiful! I seriously need to go on a mitt making spree, seeing some lovely ones lately.

  2. Wow! Frankenrabbit turned out great! You may end up with additional requests to make more, unfortunately!

  3. He looks great, though does appear to have binged on the carrots somewhat :D

  4. I love the pattern on that mitt ... intriguing!

  5. Go Frankenrabbit! He will provides loads of hugs, puffed up chest notwithstanding.

  6. The mitt is beautiful. I love the color:) But the bunny is adorable! I can't get over how cute he turned out:)

  7. Frank is one lucky bunny. He's not only beautifully knit, but will surely be well loved by a pretty special little diva.

  8. Lovely mitten! And the rabbit it's just amazing.

    Here's my FO:

  9. Much though I love your rabbit I could not have knit him in that yarn. This just confirms that you're a better woman than me ;-)

  10. Fabulous job on the bunny. I knit a teddy bear once and was so drained by the process that I never got around to putting his eyes on. Love the mitts, too!


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