Friday, 8 March 2013

FO Friday 128: Grape Soda Mitts

Gilded Tarot

I have just popped in quickly to brag about finishing the Cafe au Lait mitts, in Sirdar Country Style DK, colorway 'Heather' or 0529:

grape soda instead of cafe au lait

I altered the pattern so that the lace stitch pattern did not run across the palms, which I think will be more comfortable as plain stockinette. And I even remembered that the right mitt would need to thumb gusset to therefore be on the other side .... really, I do not have the words to convey the true scale of this achievement.

The yarn has 30% real wool in it, which makes it feel a little on the itchy-scratchy side to me, somewhat like the knitwear from my childhood. I have done what I can with fabric conditioner, and the recipient may like it regardless - after all, there do exist those sad souls who still use Izal by choice. Or so I am told.

And since we are now talking - literally - about crap, I need to go clean house ready for the five 10 year old girls who are descending for Mini Diva's birthday sleepover tomorrow. I don't even know what I was thinking. If I was thinking at all.

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  1. These are beautiful. I am getting fed up of telling you how good you are.

    Ali x

  2. Love your mitts and clever I think to alter the pattern to make them more comfortable to wear.

  3. Those mitts are lovely but I find myself distracted by the actual number of 10 year old girls. Luck to you!

  4. Love the mitts! I agree, St st for the palm will be better. Having two daughters, I remember those days. But I don't think I ever had 10, I think we limited it to 6. I valued my sanity!

  5. The mitts are lovely! I love that shade of purple.
    Good luck with the sleepover:)

  6. Good luck with the slumber party! I used to look so forward to those when I was young! :-D The mitts looks wonderful, and I totally agree about the stockinette over the palm.

  7. Five ten year old girls for a sleepover? That sounds like a lot of giggling and squealing! Have fun!

    I agree with you about palms in plain stockinette - much more comfortable. And you remembered to make a right and a left! That's awesome!

  8. You are either very brave, or very patient. Have fun with the sleepover (if possible). I still remember a boys' version with lots of stomping about at 2 am in the bedroom above ours. Warnings of terrible consequence were issued. :)

    Stockinette's look very cool. Purple's my fav color anyway. I love woolly things, even if they do itch a little.


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