Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WIP Wednesday 131: Frankenwabbit

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Here's the thing: a while back I mentioned I had cast on to make a soft toy rabbit for Mini Diva, as a birthday present (mainly because, anything to put off actually getting a real one to add to the menagerie). I even found a pattern I thought was kinda cute, and small soft toys must be a snap to make, right ?

Of course, I needed to add my own unique adjustment to it, which was merely to invert the color scheme, ie. pink bunny with white paws and ears. I ignored the likelihood that the Sirdar Snowflake DK yarn was probably going to be a pain in the butt  hassle to knit with because it is fluffy and has a kind of weird sticky feeling to it, as I thought the very soft fluffy feel was worth the sacrifice of convenience and ease. 

Which just goes to show one of the super-rare times that I am wrong: I neglected to notice that instead of the yarn's recommended 4mm needles, Flopsy is made using 3mm needles. Everything is very tight, very difficult to see, and it hurts the tips of my fingers as the yarn has no elasticity whatsoever. On the plus side (there is always at least one) its fluffiness is exceptionally forgiving of errors.

I bought the recommended 4 balls of yarn, only to run out with only an outer ear left to knit. I bought the necessary extra ball last Saturday, but yet Flopsy is in a sad state of organized chaos:

The labels are to show me which is the right side, and also the orientation (top or bottom) as with Sirdar Snowflake, neither is obvious and there's no way I'd rely on my memory. I have the stuffing, I even have the pretty ribbon for its neck. I just need to hunker down and finish the ear and sew it all together instead of ignoring the bowl I have stacked the pieces in.

And just think, I'd actually been considering making another one, but in blue and Snowflake Chunky, for a bigger wabbit ..... 

As usual, lovely things to see over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. Snowflake is awful to knit with. Everyone I know has said so, so I avoid it like the plague. Well done you for carrying on.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I have eyed up Snowflake before but will be sure to avoid it now. Look forward to seeing the bunny finished :D

  3. wowza that is a cute yarn for a bunny, i'm excited to see it finished!! Have a knitty wednesday xx

  4. The bunny is going to be so cute! Hopefully over time the pain and memories will fade...

  5. I have that pattern and I haven't started it for all the reasons you just said. It is AWFUL to knit that stuff, and worse still to be knitting it at tight gauge. You're nearly through it though, and it WILL BE adorable. Bet she loves it!!

  6. I won't accept that you were wrong about something. I'll just assume that you gathered up your saintly patience and wisdom, so you could sacrifice your fingers, and perhaps a small portion of your plethoric sanity, so that we could all learn a lesson at your expense. Thank you!

  7. My finger tips often get sore when the yarn doesn't move nicely along on the needles and or it's too tight to do so. Best of luck, looks like you're getting close.


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