Monday 20 May 2013

Monday Mystery Challenge

Goddess Tarot

So I grabbed a lift to Felixstowe to visit the fabulous Fabric8 shop, which has undergone a great big reorganization and tidy up - and looks super as a result.

I had only actually gone for one thing, but because of the outstanding service I received and shiny things catching my eye, I left with this bag full of stuff:

In that bag was all this golden bling:

 I have to turn it into something for someone by Thursday morning. Check back on Friday to see if she (and I) survive the experience in one piece.

 What I actually went for:

Six buttons to go with the Filatura di Crosa Brilla yarn that I am using to make my cabled cardigan. You know, the one that's totally on hold while I make the growing list of items (a minimum of 6 so far) required by other people, deadline date August.

In other news, you may remember that I dramatically reduced my stress levels by deciding not to trouble myself any longer with the actions or behavior of Marcus Katz and his 'spiritually dignified' business, Tarot Professionals.

Of course, that does not mean that I am dead. 

But if I have not changed my inquisitive leopard spots, neither has he changed his underhanded bullying tactics, and outright untruths - this time, about his 'exclusive' 'limited edition' (now in its 3rd edition) Lenormand deck, and his threatening and aggressive behavior towards the creator of the other Game of Hope Lenormand deck that is based on the same original housed at the British Museum (full story available here). It's a good thing I like popcorn.


  1. The dreaded World Book Day dress up, I assume? It doesn't look like World Goth Day stuff anyhow :)

  2. I can't see your pix, am currently waiting for this hideous old bit of tat to display the images as tabs. But it's not done it yet. *sigh* Can I just assume that everything is gorgeous in the pix?

    As far as the current TP debacle goes, maybe a few more eyes will be opened :)

    Ali x

  3. In the eyes of an American non-Tarot-professional, I can hardly believe this isn't all taking place somewhere in Washington DC. Mr. Katz seems to have the instincts and, dare I say moral integrity, of the worst of our politicians. On a happier note, Hooray for all the goodies!


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