Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WIP Wednesday 143: Normal Programming is Resumed

The Whispering Tarot

Well, Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2013 is over; the Beltane 2013 Tarot Blog Hop is over; the Bank Holiday weekend was warm, dry and sunny - and all of that is over too: the temperature has dropped along with the much-needed rain.


Which might also be translated as 'Bleurgh'. Click on this for today's soundtrack and rejoice in my eclectic taste in music:

For those of you who use a vocabulary of actual real words, anti-climax and ennui are two that are most suitable.

I need to kick my own butt and simply get on. But I'm fairly sure that maybe a cup of tea and a slice of cake are called for first, don't you agree ?

While I boil the kettle, you can see this Not In The Queue item - another Summer Flies Shawl, this time commissioned by Destructo Boy in this silvery shimmery dark blue colorway called 'Duskie', Sirdar Softspun DK for his form teacher's end of term gift:

It is incredibly soft, but as an acrylic-wool-nylon blend yarn it is machine washable, which I imagine is quite a necessity for a teacher.

 However, making that (using Thetanull's alterations to enlarge it) means that the current KTQ2013 (Knit The Queue) item is being somewhat delayed:

If you have an exceptionally good memory, you might recall that I received this book (Handknit Style II) from my Blog Hub Swap 2012 partner, Denise. There are actually several attractive patterns in the book, and I thought I'd start with the pink cabled cardigan, as I was able to obtain the specified yarn (Filatura di Crosa Brilla) fairly easily and at a reasonable price - just unfortunately not in pink. But at least the Eviller Twin will be happy about that.

And yes, the cardigan will be for me, while I have received two more commissions for specific shawls, which I am feeling very flattered about, as neither of them are from my children .... I shall have to squeeze them in somehow. It's good to have this kind of challenge, I must admit I enjoy it.

Do pop on to Tami's Amis to see what everybody else is up to today ....


  1. I have nothing against long as it tends towards the violent rather than the wishy-washy :D

  2. It has just dawned on me that Summer Flies is about the passage of time. Not little flying creatures. I apologise for what was going on inside my head. What IS going on inside my head. *squats in the corner facing the wall, rocking slightly and making odd whining noise*

    Like this version of All Over Now, very much!

    Ali x

  3. I love both colors. They are pretty, enjoy your tea.

  4. ooooh I love that Duskie colorway!

  5. Hey, I remember that book! Glad to see you create a finished object from it. It's looking good so far ... :)

  6. Nice color for the Summer Flies shawl - that is an incredibly popular pattern!


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