Friday 13 September 2013

FO Friday 154: Poll - Time to Go ?

So my DH and even my kids are telling me that I must throw out, jettison, abandon to the seagulls at the tip, rip out from the bottom of my soul, one of my most favoritest possessions ever in the world.

I tell them that they have small hard pebbles in place of hearts, and therefore are about as compassionate as a spider-hating cat.

This is the item in question:

no, I wasn't 18 even when I got this at the gig

the Tour dates ... once upon a time they were legible

some holes with a bit of T-shirt attached

OK, not BNWT, but still with the original label

can I persuade you this is anticipating the need to make an ad hoc tourniquet ?

Just in case you can't decipher the faded shreds of fabric, I'll tell you that this is the T-shirt I bought when I went to one of the gigs on Bryan Adams' '18 til I Die' tour of the UK, in .... umm .... 1997. Which means - after I've counted on fingers AND toes - that it is 16 ... omigoodness .... 16 years old. I might have to weep.

Here's the poll:

Is it time to ditch the T-shirt ? DH has just told me that Bryan Adams had quit touring a while back .... I am going to wallow in a pit of gin and depression cuz that means that he too is no longer18, while you vote, and then head over to Tami's Amis for some cheerfulness .....

PS: I do not wear this out or in public, I wear it to sleep in. Oh yes, I am ALL about seduction and alluring; femme fatale est moi .....


  1. I might have felt differently if it had been Siouxsie or Joy Division but that *really* has to go!

  2. Keep it!!! Make things from it, nice things you will keep and use, even if you use it as the stuffing for a pin cushion, you will always have the memories that are wrapped up in it......I'm a sentimental (with emphasis on the 'mental') old fart too :)

  3. There has to be a way to rescue the motif on the front at least, turn it into a cushion cover or wall art or something?

  4. I think that you should jsut keep it. Put it away in a drawer somewhere and drag it out when you need A Moment. But promise me that you will never wear it. Not even in BED.

    If this belonged to Tartarus it would have been dusters about 20 years ago :-D

    Ali x

  5. You must keep it. It is a cherished item and reminds you of fun times. I may have a t-shirt that looks similar or maybe my husband threw it out...

  6. Keep it! But please don't wear it anymore. Maybe you could frame it folded so all you see is the front motif?

  7. I don't know what to say about DH, apparently that Frumpy Old Man sweater is having it's effect even before it's knitted! As for die wunderkinder ... tell them you will compromise. You will get rid of the shirt, provided they let you wear it to their graduation ceremonies first. That should give them time to grow to love it.

    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. The reason I finished that sweater was I'd found someone appreciative enough to give it to. It was in their hands before the post went up. And yes, those cars surely do guzzle the gas, but DANG, THEY'S JES' SO GOOOOOOORJUS!

  8. I have a shirt that is that old and not that dissimilar in appearance. I will wear it until it is thread and tatters.

  9. Keep it - I have one that's much worse than that (the shoulders look like they have cut-outs), and I paint in it. They are going to have to tear it from my cold dead hands. :)

  10. Keep it! I have one that is about 10 years older (and that much worse for wear). I keep it for the hottest summer nights and respect its ability to cover the important parts and still provide as much air conditioning as possible.


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