Wednesday 4 September 2013

WIP Wednesday 160: Old Ogre-wear

Spiral Tarot

So in amongst the frenzied last minute holiday activities like swimming, park visits and girlie shopping with Mini Diva, I have actually managed to start the Old Man Cardigan for Shrek, aka DH. He not only selected and paid for the yarn (James C.Brett Rustic Aran Tweed in a shade enticingly named DAT16).

scale shown by 44kg/96lb Alsatian, not the Ogre, but built along the same lines

But he also pre-approved the pattern, choosing from a variety which included quite a few vintage offerings (thank you, Kitten), and ending up with this Nubby Pocket Cardigan pattern. It does have a textured stitch pattern, which I misled myself with, foolishly imagining that it would make the acres of Back that much more interesting to knit.

You think I exaggerate with 'acres' ?

Well, OK, possibly. 

But not by much - the back shown here is 18''/45cm  from bottom edge to bottom of the armhole, and the armhole is currently 10''/25cm long, and needs to be a minimum of 11''/27.5cm. That's 29''/ 72.5cm so far - and we haven't even mentioned the width yet. Because I'm too lazy to get up and find the gauge, I'll guesstimate you by saying it is the 52''/130cm size I am making.

I know, you are right, I really don't have time to sit here chatting with you if I want to get this finished in this lifetime, let alone this year. Pop over to Tami's Amis where they are enjoying their WIPs ....


  1. That's why I used to like knitting socks - I have a low boredom threshold and they don't take a lifetime to finish :)

  2. Looks great! Think you can find buttons shaped like pipes or golf clubs?


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