Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WIP Wednesday: Weedfree July

Hudes Tarot

And we enter the home straight that is known as the end of term - 3 weeks to go and the ponies children are beginning to flag: our weeks are filling up with The ''Production''(it's 'Oliver!' please gods have mercy on me), the Leavers' BBQ, the Leavers' Disco, Cub Camp (ALL weekend, this year), various sleepovers .... in addition to the usual sporting load. I am tired, and I only have to watch ! In these enlightened times, whipping is not allowed, so I guess I must find some carrots somewhere.

Oh why what a fortuitous coincidence - if only I believed in them - here are pics of  veggies wot we iz growing right now:

Cut and come again lettuce. Of which we need to eat more, by the looks of things.

Our 1st attempt at peas. Report card says ? Could do better.

Potatoes. Pentland Javelin, to be precise. I read somewhere that we will still be harvesting these at Xmas.


From left to right: 1 pumpkin, 1 tumbler tomato, 1 plum tomato, 3 bush tomatoes. I LOVE tomatoes, but even I am quailing at how many this will be .... unfortunately I am not a fan of chutney apart from mango.

So not too bad so far, for our 1st summer in this house; there is also sweetcorn and strawberries, as well as culinary herbs. There is a sad lack of floral brightness - I do miss having petunias. Next year I think things will be more cohesive ....

What have you got in your garden right now ?


  1. I have been extraordinarily slack about growing anything this year. The veg beds are only growing weeds and the only potatoes are ones left over from last year. The only thing I have are alpine strawberries (lots of foliage, bugger all fruit) and one of my blueberries is looking promising. Bit of a fail this year, I'm afraid.

  2. I have several tomato plants, a few tomatillos, a bunch of peppers, and a couple zucchini and cucumber plants. I meant to buy a basil plant but never got around to it. We had a ripe grape tomato this past weekend, which seems really early to me. We've had a wet start to the summer, and my little garden is loving it!

  3. Just peppermint and spearmint in my garden, I need to get myself more in gear. :) I love the veggies and your haul is quite the inspiration. I see a huge salad with butter beans and baked potatoes coming out of this yeild! Yum!


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