Friday 26 September 2014

FO Friday: Hedgehog Delight

Prairie Tarot

Just popping in on this gloriously sunny and warm late Summer day to show off a lil ole tea cosy I made - I do like to make them, but I don't use them: so I decided to revive my Folksy shop and hang them up in there with some shawls in case anyone wants to help me clear out some FOs and simultaneously fund my yarn junkie life-style further adventures in knitting ... I'll just remind you all that I'm happy to take commissions ....

I thought Autumn was supposed to be here, and I ran across this really cute pattern - and WAH-LA:

Meanwhile, pop FO Friday into Google and see what turns up ....


  1. I love teacosies and would use a different one every day of the week - if I didn't make my tea by the cup. I actually bought myself a teapot just so as I could start making and using teacosies. Died a very quick death - all that stewed tea to dispose of :-( Love this autumnal offering

  2. I love a nice pot of tea, but absolutely hate having to dispose of the fallout. I keep meaning to make some washable muslin teabags, but then find myself wondering if that would just make the chore different.

    1. P.S. Almost forgot to say - Love the cosy :D

  3. That is so adorable! It almost makes me wish I drank tea :)

  4. so gorgeous with that cute little hog on top x


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