Friday, 13 February 2015

FO Friday 7/15: The Lightning Thief MKAL

Shadowscapes Tarot

Well, I've survived to the end of the week - there were some touch and go moments, but a good bottle of red wine from Belo helped me stumble through them.

I had finished the Lily Go MKAL earlier in the week, then washed and blocked it, which hugely improves its appearance just as the Eviller Twin said it would (she finished ahead of me). It is a striking design which I think needs all the squillions of beads to really 'make' it:

Those striking lines definitely look like lightning, don't they ?

I had two 100g skeins of 4ply superwash in the colorway 'Mallard', a lovely rich teal which I obviously have problems photographing, from Gorgeousknits on eBay, which actually weighed in at205g, and I have 87g left, a minimum of 300m or so: plenty for some kind of small project.

The silver-lined beads which I bought from Nicola at Chromabeader .... not quite sure how many size 8/0 beads I used as I have been simultaneously using them for the Tru Wuv shawl, but somewhere in the region of 40 to 45g, I reckon; and for the size 6/0 ...I have 11g left of the original 50g. I think that counts as squillions, don't you ?

The blocking was quite painstaking .... see all those loops ? which made me glad I'd stuck with the medium size shawl.

The designer is friendly and approachable, with a friendly group on Ravelry - I'd definitely consider doing another MKAL if she did one.


  1. Your pics are always so much better than mine :) Did you do the knitted long picots or cheat and crochet them like I did?

  2. Wow, it is just stunning. I love the beads against the black and the quality of your work is fantastic x

  3. It is GORGEOUS!!!! You are the Goddess among lace knitters.

  4. SO VERY LOVELY! also impressive. thank you.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous as always! You rock!


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