Monday 1 May 2017

Tarot Blog Hop: Beltane 2017


 Well, our host Arwen has a lovely, straightforward topic for us this time: 

Since Beltaine is a holiday of coming together, I thought it would be fun to answer this question: '' Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system ? Why or why not ?

That's it. Short and sweet. Simple. You can answer it however you like.

I hope to answer short, sweet and simple.

Old English Tarot

No, I don't use any other divination system.

Fenestra Tarot

 Back when I started learning to read tarot, over 25 years ago, one of the challenges was to filter the useful information from the many, many books I read, and apply that in practice and in readings. As a beginner, one tends to overdo things, I think - one hates to feel like one is missing out on anything, or failing to include every last possible morsel.

Tarot Illuminati

 Part of this package is to examine other forms of divination that may link, overlap or otherwise add to one's readings, along with using large, complicated spreads. Other systems such as astrology, numerology and kabbalah are the most popular - however, making them fit to Tarot seems forced ... 

Cosmic Tarot

Rather than following Cinderella's ugly sisters, cutting toes off to fit into the glass slipper, over time and with experience, I came to consider that Tarot pure and simple is enough: it contains everything that is needed, and can stand on its own without the need for other disciplines.

The Creative Muse Tarot Card Challenge by water rabbit (deviantscrap)

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  1. Your analogy about Cinderella's sisters cutting off toes tickled my funny bone. You've got a deeply sympathetic reader here who likes your perspective. <3

  2. That version of Cinderella is one of my all time favourites! Thanks :) and I'll wander off now before I go into a rant about prettied up modern fairy tales...

  3. It's funny, I totally agree that tarot is enough by itself. And yet, I also love combining things, just for the fun of it ;)

  4. I'm fascinated to read this. For myself, I can't see how numerology and astrology can't be a part of tarot. :D Loved reading your perspective.


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