Tuesday 4 September 2018

So Now I'm Back ...

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.... from outer space ...

Well, no, not really. But it might as well have been, this last year. 

Hello again, my friends - I've had a quick tidy-up round the edges, removed dead links on the blog roll etc. now let's see if I can maintain a weekly post.

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Much has happened since last we spoke - the most upsetting being the death of our quirky landlady last summer, which forced us to move house (on Hallowe'en). Our new house is a Victorian end-terrace, much smaller, much further away from school - so most unpopular with the kids, as it's a long walk to school and nowhere near any of their friends; in fact, we are only 5 minutes walk from a different high school, but Mini Diva wanted to stick with the courses she'd chosen, and Destructo Boy wants to stay in the same school as his friends. We miss our old neighbors and neighborhood, we miss the large airy rooms, the conservatory, the 2nd toilet, and Inky the cat, who roamed and hardly returns since spring. Most of our books and much of our furniture is in the garage - it simply won't fit in this house.

On the plus side, it has an actual back garden with grass, not just a patio; it could be seen as cosy and snug; the kitchen is massive; it is 5 mins from the dog park - Sebastian is pretty creaky and gray suddenly, and doesn't want or need the long walks to, round and from the big main park anymore (we have turned into those people who drive to walk their dog). It is next door to the local corner shop; it is close to 2 good bus routes into town. 

squeeze them as hard as you can

And in an attempt to master my car-related anxiety and panic attacks, I took driving lessons and passed both my theory and practical tests on the first go. We then bought a little old car that ticked all my boxes (high, lots of glass for visibility, solid, not huge) and within 3 months I did this:


 Not bad when I was going a mere 10 mph. There were many, many tears. And my insurance is even more extortionate now. (I was fine, just shaken up and upset). We bought another new-to-me Honda CR-V, this one christened Hinagiku; the garage broke her wheel cover, which gave me the opportunity to really customize some decor:

I get lots of great comments about this, from all kinds of people

 I work full-time outside the home now, so my crochet and knitting time has really suffered - this year so far I have completed only 10 items, and 9 of those were baby items ... for my sister's middle daughter's twins, born in June. My sister would have absolutely loved them, and being a grandmother.

Speaking of knitting for twins - how to make things the same, but different ?

I decided to invert the colors:


Vintage pattern Emu Treasure 8561, using WI Soft & Silky in pink, yellow and lilac mix.

To use plain and self-striping colorways of the same yarn:

UKHKA6 in WYS Signature 4ply in 'Pennyroyal' and the self-striping version ' Woodpigeon'

To use a pattern that offers two versions (here, differing stitch patterns) :


Vintage pattern Peter Pan P551 in Hayfield Baby Blossom DK in 353 'Buttercup'.

And lastly, the same colors but different patterns:

Textured Baby Blanket and Lilac Lily Baby Blanket, both in Scheepjes Colorcrafter Weert, Urk (yes, I know, I laugh every time), Amstelveen, Amersfoort, Heerlen and Alphen - or, white, aqua, purple, pink, lilac, and teal.

 My goodness, I'm exhausted. I forgot how much time and effort creating a blog post can take ! Especially when your computer crashes halfway through ...

As ever, I welcome any comments. 



  1. Lovely to have you back. Whle you have done all this, I have mostly been on facebook :D

    1. OMG, I had no idea anyone had commented ! Not received any notifications ... x

  2. Can't go wrong with a CR-V :) Parted with my owned-from-new 15yo one a few months ago and got...you guessed it...a Honda CR-V. Still miss the old wagon, but the fuel consumption was high and a few things were close to getting expensively worn out.

    1. Yes, this one drinks quite a bit once you get over 60mph or so :/

  3. Welcome back! You have been sorely missed. We downsized from a home to a duplex when I was a teen, and stored tons of books, linens, and some of Mom's fabric stash (no room to keep the sewing machine set up. Nearly drove her crazy.) in the garage. When we moved a couple years later we learned that much of it was destroyed by mold/mildew. That did drive Mom crazy. Hope you check your stuff occasionally to be sure it's ok. Lovely knitting and crochet.

    1. Yes ! we'll be checking before the weather changes - thanks for the reminder :) Time you blogged again too, my friend ;-)

  4. Well, since I have not checked in to your blog in a while, it's like you never left the interwebs. :) Sorry about having to move - moving really bites, but glad to hear you are now the master of your driving domain, sort of. Great crochet on that spare tire, too. Cheers!

    1. I was reading about your yarn co. tribulations last week, didn't comment as I didn't have anything helpful to say xx


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