Friday, 10 October 2014

FO Friday: Bat Baby is Here !

Halloween Tarot

Well, it's only been forever since I last created and published a design of my own - it was the Cabled Hot Water Bottle Cosy which I made for my MIL. Today I am proud to say that I wrestled with the Muse, and have survived - and a new, somewhat seasonal, design is the result.

My BIL The Cornishman has serious photography skillz, and is taking some posh pictures for me, but I am impatient and couldn't wait to tell you guys all about it, even if only using my own dodgy snaps ....

Here is the Bat Tea Cosy !

I do kinda wish bats were in a more easily photographable color .... but I think he is super-cute: his eyes can be beads, or embroidered (as are his fangs). Made from black DK yarn, and scraps of red, grey and white DK yarn, he is knitted in pieces and sewn together: he consists of stocking stitch for his body, and garter stitch wings; his nose is a bobble.

His head is knitted holding the yarn doubled, so that the toy stuffing does not show; his ears are also knitted double to make sure they have the wherewithal to stand up.

A sweet button holds his wings closed across his tummy; when you undo it, look what is revealed ! Either an appropriately seasonal message:

Or, if you use Chart B instead:

Of course, you could embroider a message on his heart as well.

My Eviller Twin kindly proof-read and turned my words into a PDF pattern, which is available not only from my Folksy shop, but through my Ravelry store - where for this weekend only there is a 10% to celebrate my baby Bat Tea Cosy's birth (applied automatically at checkout).

And I do always heart the projects people make from my patterns ....

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