Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WIP Wednesday: Plodding On

Halloween Tarot

The beige cardigan to end all beige cardigans is still with us, but I haven't bothered with a photo because, let's face it, acres of beige is boring. Instead, let's focus on the fact that apparently Christmas is 11 Fridays away. 

I think I'm going to need all of that time to complete Mini Diva's gift, the Howling Wolves Beanie - I don't like knitting in the round with skinny yarn on skinny needles. And in addition, it's stranded colorwork, which I hate. I must really love her or something.

On the plus side, the yarn - Lanas Stop Baby Wool (which I used before on the ginormous Romanesque I made) - is just so deliciously soft: if I ever finish this hat, it is going to feel fantabulous.

You can see why 11 Fridays doesn't seem like enough:

If you only feel a tenth of my pain, you will understand the torture I am suffering .....


  1. Make sure that her name is inside the hat somewhere so that if she loses it, you might find it again. Although if it turns out as gorgeous as I suspect it will, I think that you'll never see it again if she loses it!

  2. Oh, lovely blue! You must really love her!

  3. Lovely colours. I hope she will be suitably and eternally grateful for your efforts :)


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