Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WIP Wednesday: A Silken Dozen

Halloween Tarot

Well, it's kinda cheating ... but it is a sort of Work In Progress .... Titch and I have been married 12 years today .... according to Wikipedia, 12 years is silk and fine linen - so I guess that could translate to silk yarn and purty knickers, don't you ?


  1. Are you going to show us a piccie of your purty knickers?! Or just your silk yarn?! Happy Anniversary!! I didn't even make it as far as TWO!

    1. He hasn't bought them ...yet :D I made it 13 years the 1st marriage ....

  2. Happy anniversary. Pass my congrats on to that lucky, lucky man!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you are enjoying a fine dinner and wonderful company of your guy!

  4. My boy lollipop/you make my heart go giddy-up

    Let's hope he still makes your heart go giddy-up. (That's one of my all-time favorite oldies songs). :)


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