Monday, 20 October 2014

MKAL Monday 6: Movement

Halloween Tarot

Having got all my chores out of the way early and quickly yesterday, I could sit down and pay attention to Clue 6 of the SusannaIC Autumn 2014 MKAL ... each row seems to take ages because there are so many stitches ... or maybe it feels like it because I have started her Oslo Walk Shawl in the meantime, which begins with casting on over 300 stitches ....


Anyway, a leafy pattern seems to be emerging; and the more I see of this lovely Araucania Ranco Multi yarn, the more I am pleased with my choice of rainbow gold beads ....

But right now I am itching to finish Mini Diva's hat - she's been around all weekend, so there's been no chance to do the last 8 or so rounds ....

Do leave a link to your MKAL, KAL or CAL  ....


  1. Looking good. I'm very disappointed by the brevity of the latest clue, after a 2 week wait and also I believed that this would be the last one :(

  2. It's coming on a treat! I can't believe that you are knitting something else at the same time lol!

  3. Ooh, can't wait to see it finished. Lovely

  4. That second picture really shows the beads, they're wonderful with that yarn. I was gifted the Solstice Shawl, which did you receive?


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