Monday, 13 October 2014

MKAL Monday 5: Treading Water

Halloween Tarot

Autumn is really here today - it's been raining hard since yesterday evening, it's grey, blustery, there are huge puddles and little floods: and it's forecast to stay this way for the next day or so.

Luckily for me, all my chores are already done, so I can snuggle on the sofa with the Alibi channel and start a new project as clue 5 of the SusannaIC MKAL is only for the large size this week ....

So I have the pattern and yarn ready for the Howling Wolves Beanie - Mini Diva loves wolves, and Christmas approaches stealthily. Turns out the wolf is the Native American birth totem for the time when she was born, too. So, even though I hate colorwork, I shall give this a go while I wait for the final clue ....

Since it seems my Eviller Twin and I are the only bloggers in the whole world doing an MKAL or KAL, so when this current MKAL is over I probably shan't bother doing the Mr.Linky thing ...

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  1. Maybe we're the only ones doing an M/KAL and finding the time to blog about it :D


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